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My Top 20 Photos of Alaska from the Summer of 2013

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Summer is over in Alaska.

The calendar may only say August 12 and the rest of the country may be sweltering in August heat, but I can assure you the seasons are changing in the Great Land. The wildflowers are almost gone, some aspen trees have turned yellow and when I go hiking I get a tummy ache from eating the wild blueberries.

As a tribute to the Alaskan Summer of 2013, I have compiled a gallery of my 20 favorite nature photos from the summer. Almost all of them were taken in Denali National Park and if don’t like Alaska, or moose, or have an irrational fear of wildflowers, it is best if you click away right now. Hopefully I will get a dramatic photo of a bear and wolf fighting over a caribou carcass or a photo of a tourist being chased by a moose for the upcoming autumn edition, but for now I don’t have anything quite that dramatic.

In no particular order, my favorite photos of the summer.

Alaska Summer Photos from 2013

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9 thoughts on “My Top 20 Photos of Alaska from the Summer of 2013”

  1. That’s a wonderful tribute. Given the quality photos and the varied views you obviously had a good one. Well done!

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  3. Jeff, These photos are stunning! It is so cool that you can snap moose from your bedroom window. Sorry that your summer is so short – wish I could send you some of ours (Georgia). 🙂 ~Terri

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