The Wildflowers of Denali, or I Love Wildflowers

Bee on wildflower

I love wildflowers. There, I said it.

I probably love wildflowers as much as any heterosexual male in the world. I am always fascinated by the abundance and variety of wildflowers growing in the brief Alaskan summertime, and by the fleeting nature of their existence. Going on a hike in early June, I will see certain varieties of flowers, and walking the same trail two weeks later the flowers will be gone, but different species will have risen up, taking their place in the forest.

I get excited when the wildflowers come out each year because they mark the start of summer. I always feel compelled to take pictures of the different flowers, check out their shapes and look at the assorted bugs on them. My wife and boss make fun of me for this, but it is the year 2013, it is okay for me to be this way.

So you can imagine my excitement a few days ago when I went to take a photo in this meadow


and discovered that it was filled with about 10 species of flowers, all in peak condition, all in huge quantities. I know it is silly, but these are the things that excite me. Keep in mind that when you live 130 miles from a movie theater, Wal-Mart or bookstore, these are the things you do for fun. If I were single I could entertain myself with hard drinking, poker games and chasing girls at the Salmon Bake. Alas, I am married and must find more respectable ways to spend my time.

Pollen Coma

One thing I noticed this year while trying to photograph bees, flies and hornets on flowers, is that some bugs get so entralled with drinking the nectar and eating the pollen of the flowers, that they go into some sort of coma. They look like me at an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, gorging for hours then becoming catatonic afterwards.


A bee in a pollen coma. Or he is dead. I am not sure. What I do know is that he was really easy to photograph before he fell off the flower.

They are oblivious to the outside world, in a state of pollen-induced ecstasy, like a person bombed out on heroin. Or maybe they are dead. Not sure. If only there were some magical interconnected web where I could type  words in a machine and easily do research, I could find out. I guess I will never know why bees get so focused on one plant. What I do know is that they are easy to photograph in this state, versus buzzing around rapidly like they normally do.

Fall is fast approaching and the handful of hearty wildflowers that remain are fast disappearing. I will have to wait until April when the ambitious Pasque flower emerges for the season to see flowers again. Until then, I will have to get my fix by looking at this below photo gallery of Alaskan wildflowers. You can look at it also, but might find it more enjoyable if you click on any photo to open up a slideshow view.

The Wildflowers of Denali

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9 Comments on “The Wildflowers of Denali, or I Love Wildflowers

  1. I loved your wildflower pictures but you would expect that from me. The bee pictures are great.

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