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Alaska is Awesome

49 Reasons I Love Alaska, Part I

Alaska, the 49th state, has been my summer home the last 11 years. Even though there are myriad challenges living so far away from civilization, and even though the weather tends to go from bitterly cold and icy in the winter to rainy and gloomy […]

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls

Top 20 Alaska Photos of the Year

I just completed my 10th summer in Alaska. From spectacular, absolutely mind-blowing aurora, to Glacier Bay National Park, to many fiery sunsets, I was lucky enough so see many things I’d never seen before. It was a good year. I am not a real Alaskan – […]

Man watching sunset Otto Lake

An Ode to Otto Lake

Denali National Park in the summer is a strange place. The sun sets at midnight in the north; the wilderness is invaded by busloads of marauding senior citizens; winter lasts until May; in August the recently green tundra turns a surreal red. I love Denali, but summers […]