Fall Colors at Broad Pass

Top 20 Photos of Alaska from the Fall of 2013

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It never gets old. This is my ninth autumn in Alaska, and this place still blows my mind.

Each year in late August the tundra turns fiery shades of orange, red, and purple. The aspen trees fade to a brilliant gold, accentuated by the greenish-black spruce trees they grow beside. When the night sky is clear, the northern lights dance in bursts of red, green and purple.

In general, the landscape of Alaska is stunning. But for three weeks each autumn it goes into overdrive. God was showing off when he made this place. Autumn does not mess around in Alaska.

Below is a gallery of my favorite photos from the fall this year. They were all taken in the front country of Denali National Park. The vibrant fall colors have already started to fade – such is the fleeting beauty of autumn. I have to wait 49 weeks to see it again and it will be worth the wait.

Alaska Autumn Photos


Where are some of your favorite places in the autumn?

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24 thoughts on “Top 20 Photos of Alaska from the Fall of 2013”

  1. Great shots! Some of them remind me of fall in the Rockies. Which reminds me, I need to get up there to enjoy fall in the Rockies. Don’t want to miss the changing of the Aspen!

  2. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    Nice stuff. You definitely got some better light than I did this season. During the rare clear (ish) times I was never able to get out. Looking forward to your european adventures. We can live vicariously through each other as we explore 2 different continents.

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