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Photo A Day in February Part II, or Success!

I set a goal to take a photo every day in February, and I did it! Unlike my photo-a-day attempt in January, I wasn’t thwarted by a New Year’s Day hangover or a Chinatown food poisoning disaster.

Taking photos every day is a great way to improve, and that is a big reason why I did the project. Also, by taking photos daily, often times in my neighborhood, I was free to experiment and try new things.

I should note that a couple of days I only took a few photos out of a sense of obligation. The other 26 days I went out and shot for at least 30 minutes. Some days the results were good, some days not so good. Below is a photo gallery with one shot from the good days. (To see my shots from Feb 1-7, click here.

February Street Photos

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149 thoughts on “Photo A Day in February Part II, or Success!

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  2. There’s a lot of beauty in the street photos, without much more ado, I would honestly agree that we are impressed by the perspective of certain pictures!

  3. Good for you! I’ve been trying to start a photo-a-day project for months now. Couldn’t do it. In some days I take hundreds of photos, in others I just forget. But maybe next month 🙂
    The featured photo is indeed the best of the series.

    • Maybe try with just a week? I haven’t missed a day in about 50 days now, but I must admit that a few days I’ve only made a few shots out of obligation. Good luck.

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