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Should You Ditch Your DSLR and Use a Compact Camera for Travel Photography?

Like many people, when I first became interested in photography, I went out and bought a boxy DSLR and equipped it with a big-ass 28-300 lens. This setup worked well at first, as it allowed me to take photos of everything from landscapes to wildlife with one lens. That camera served me well until the F-Bomb Heard Around the World, but that is a different story altogether.

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Hua Lamphong Bangkok
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Photo-A-Day 365 Fail, or What I Saw Last Week

I had the bright idea that I’d take a photo everyday in 2017. I have seen other photographers do a 365-day photo project, and it seemed like a really cool idea. I drank a little too much on December 31st and didn’t take any photos on the first day of the year so that turned out to be a big fail.

But, living in Asia I got a reprieve! I’ll just start on Chinese New Year! Unfortunately, we ate at a super-sketchy back-alley restaurant in Chinatown on Lunar New Year and I became violently ill. I didn’t take any photos, much less leave the house, for a few days.

A photo-a-day project was probably unrealistic for me in the first place so it is good I that failed right away. Since recovering from the Great Chinatown Street Food Disaster of 2017, I have taken a photo everyday so far in February, with the goal taking a photo everyday this month. Here is one photo from each day so far.  Continue reading

Khlong Boat Bangkok
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Life As An Expat in Bangkok – Part 2: Transportation

“Do you have a car?” This is perhaps the most common question I get from Americans when I tell them I live in Bangkok, probably because most Americans can’t imagine life without one. The answer to this question is an emphatic, “Hell No!” I have been to cities with more chaotic traffic – Dehli, Cairo and Hanoi immediately come to mind (which isn’t saying much) – but Thailand holds the dubious honor of having the most traffic deaths per capita of any country in the world, which is actually a major surprise to me because most of the time all the cars are parked in massive traffic jams. When flowing, Bangkok traffic is a ballet of suicidal motorbikes, lumbering buses, daring jay-walkers, speeding taxis, racing mini buses, and reckless tuk tuks, made worse by the fact that they drive on the wrong side (or Brittish side) of the road. Continue reading

Bangkok street meat
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Life As An Expat in Bangkok – Part 1: Food

When we moved to Bangkok a year ago and started apartment hunting, we realized that most places lacked a room that is usually considered essential – the kitchen. The first few apartments we saw had a tiny refrigerator and a small outside kitchen, and I use that word loosely, because the “kitchen” was merely a hot plate and sink. After seeing a handful of apartments like this and becoming totally confused, we did the only sensible thing: we sat down for a beer then went to see our expat friend for help. Continue reading