Hanoi street photo black and white
Black and White, Vietnam

Things I Saw in Hanoi Part II – Black and White Edition

If you read Part I of this series, you will know that I accidentally drank beer for breakfast and thus had some challenges in photographing Hanoi. Drinking beer for breakfast isn’t something I do often – no really I promise! I do it maybe four days a week, tops. Continue reading

Monk at the Schwedagon Pagoda
Myanmar, Street Photography

Things I Saw in Yangon

Yangon (Rangoon), the largest city in Myanmar (Burma), felt like the love child between Mumbai (Bombay) and Havana (La Habana). Like Mumbai, it is a crowded, chaotic, dirty and colorful city replete with grand Brittish colonial buildings, but it has the dilapidated charm and laid-back ease of the Cuban capital. Even though Myanmar borders India, I was still surprised that it reminded me of its neighbor, in large part because I didn’t think any place could remind me of the madness of India! Continue reading

cat with monks
Expat Life, Thailand

The Soi Cat Cafe

Due to some rather interesting recent events, I have decided to stay in Thailand and not go back to the USA for the next, oh I don’t know, four to eight years give or take an impeachment. In order to earn money, I decided to look into opening a cat cafe. Although there are cat cafes all over Bangkok, there are none in my area. In addition, my neighborhood is full of unemployed soi cats so I set about recruiting and interviewing the best cats to work as baristas.

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Saddar Cave, Hpa An.
Black and White, Myanmar, Photo Essay, Photography

15 Photos of Burma in Black and White

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