Glacier Bay Northern Lights

Northern Lights over Glacier Bay, or The Best Aurora Show I’ve Seen in 12 Years

I was about to go to bed when a co-worker started pounding on my door while screaming my name. When you live on-site and work at a hotel, having someone frantically pound on your door at night is never a good thing. I assumed the lodge was on fire, or perhaps worse, the bar ran out of beer. Continue reading

Gustavus Beach sunset black and white
Alaska, Black and White, Photo Essay

Glacier Bay in Black and White, 2016 edition

Cruise Ship Margerie Glacier

Cruise ship in front of Margerie Glacier shows just how massive the ice sheets are, even though it has receded 60 miles in the last 250 years.


black and white sunset glacier bay

Sunset from Halibut Point in Glacier Bay National Park.


Fireweed in black and white

Fireweed near the beach in Gustavus, Alaska.

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Glacier Bay sunset
Alaska, Photo Essay

My Top 10 Photos of the Summer (From Alaska)

I have been on a blogging hiatus this summer, mainly because I haven’t had much internet access out here in the wilds of Alaska. During this summer of Trump, that hasn’t been a bad thing. With readily available internet, I’d have spent an unhealthy amount of time reading about the antics of the GOP presidential candidate, then following that up with hours of Jon Oliver and Samantha Bee videos to help me cope. One great thing about Alaska is that you can escape from the drama of the world, and during an election year, that is a beautiful thing. Continue reading