India in Black and White

holy man in varanasi II

India is so full of color – so full of vibrant, bright, ridiculous color – that I rarely took any photos in black and white. From the resplendent saris of the women to the vivid festivals, everywhere I turned I was assaulted with color. With some distance between me and my time in India, and with the magic of Lightroom, I converted some photos to B&W.

Some of these images I think are more effective in black and white. Some have an ageless quality as many things in India haven’t changed much over the years.

India Black and White Photos

Click on any photo below to open a slideshow view.


If you would like to purchase any high quality prints, check out my photography portfolio by clicking on the Taj Mahal below.

Taj Mahal in Black and White



19 Comments on “India in Black and White

  1. My sister and I love your blog posts. So great to see you back on line.

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