Sri Lanka B-Sides

Sri Lanka Shirt

After sorting through my photos of Sri Lanka, I ended up with a pile of shots that I call b-sides.

Like the songs on the b-side of an album, these photos are misfits for whatever reason. Perhaps they are okay photos that are missing something or are leftover photos that don’t fit in a photo essay. However, I think these photos have value and deserve to be seen, since they show the quirky side of life and travel in Sri Lanka.

Okay, I’ll let the photos do the talking from here.

Sri Lanka B-Side Photos

1. Colombo sunset street photo

2. Man with mannequin

3. Sri lanka street photo with horse Read More

Photo of the Week: Sari in Galle

Galle Fort Sari


Taking a photo of a photogenic person with an interesting background is one of the easiest and most cliche shots in photography. But it is cliche for a reason: it can give a good sense of what people wear and how it relates to the city.

This photo is very simple, but getting it was a little more complicated than it might seem.

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10 Photos of Sri Lanka in Black and White, Part 2

10 Photos of Sri Lanka in Black and White

1. Sri Lanka black white


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14 Street Photos from Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Street Photography

I really liked Colombo, which might surprise a lot of people who have been there. Sri Lanka’s chaotic, sweltering capital has a shortage of things tourists enjoy, like museums, monuments, restaurants and bars. As a result, most visitors to Sri Lanka spend as little time there as possible.

Since I became interested in street photography, and since I moved to Bangkok, I now really enjoy visiting the metropolises of southern Asia. There was a time when I’d have shunned places like Yangon, Saigon, and Colombo, but now I really look forward to visiting busy cities.

I had two evenings available in the capital for street photography, and spent most of that time at Galle Face Green, a large open space sandwiched between downtown and the Indian Ocean. Galle Face Green is a great spot for photography – families frolic in the sea despite signs warning of poisonous creatures, kids fly kites in the open spaces, vendors serve up exotic street snacks, tourists drink beer from cans wrapped in brown paper sacks, and people of many races and religions walk up and down the sea wall waiting for the sunset.

I also went for a walk in the dense, noisy, and hectic streets of Pettah, visiting several mosques and markets. In the narrow streets of Pettah, everything must be loaded from trucks onto two-wheel carts to be delivered to the shops. Even though the guys unloading the trucks and pulling the carts looked hard, I was greeted with smiles, hellos, and requests for photos. Everyone was so friendly there I felt very comfortable taking photos of people who looked very intimidating.

I am sure that someday I will make it back to Sri Lanka and when I do I’ll spend several days in the capital city because even though it is hot and chaotic and lacks typical tourist sights, the people, energy and photo opportunities make it a great place to visit.

Colombo, Sri Lanka, Street Photos

Sri Lanka Street Photography

2. Colombo market street photography

3. Galle Face Green Sunset

4. Pettah Colombo market Read More

Serendepity in Anuradhapura


Serendip was the ancient name of the island of Sri Lanka, and yes, this is where the word serendipity comes from. Serendipity, or a happy accident, is exactly what we found at the ancient city of Anuradhapura. Read More

10 Photos of Sri Lanka in Black and White, Part 1

Sri Lanka Buddha Black White2

Even though Sri Lanka is a very colorful place, I found myself thinking in black and white while walking with my camera. I am a big fan of high contrast black and white photos. To me, photos with pure blacks and very bright whites really pop. All over Sri Lanka, I came across the type of high contrast scenes I like to shoot in black and white.

First off, the Buddhist temples have gleaming stupas and white statues that contrast dramatically against the deep blue sky, and the people often wear white when visiting temples. As a result, the temples were a treat to shoot in black and white.

Sri Lankan women often wear bright saris that not only glowed in the tropical sun, but the patterns on the clothes made interesting textures in black and white. And speaking of tropical sun, the clear light created deep shadows and made the highlights pop.

10 Photos of Sri Lanka in Black and White

1. Woman praying in front of a 12th century Buddha carving in Polonnuwara
Buddha and woman

2. Women with umbrellas in Galle Sri Lanka street photo umbrella

3. Praying at a temple in the ancient city of AnuradhapuraAnuradhapura Temple Read More

The Highlights and Lowlights of My Trip to Sri Lanka


I have returned from three weeks traveling around the emerald island of Sri Lanka. Oh, how was my trip? It was great! You want to hear all about it? Okay. I’ll use this post to briefly touch on the best and worst parts of my trip, and I’ll follow up with more in-depth posts in the future. Does that work for you?

Sri Lanka Highlights

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