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Bear Spray Stories Part 3: Tear Gas

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Did you know that bear spray is not only effective in thwarting attacks from charging bears, but it is also effective in clearing a building of tourists?

Welcome to part 3 of the “Bear Spray Stories.” If you are new to this series, you may want to start at Part 1 so this will make more sense.

I was in a dive bar in Anchorage being regalled by stories of bear spray mishaps from a park ranger, a tour bus driver and tourism manager who we will call “Betsy.” After hearing two hilarious stories from the guys, the lady told her tale.

Bear Spray Story #3

“Betsy” was the manager of a tourist facility in Denali National Park, Alaska. One day one of her erstwhile employees became curious about the bear spray he saw in lost and found.

Bear Spray lost and found cartoon





He decided to shoot off a little squirt of bear spray in the confined spaces of the lost and found office.

Bear Pepper Spray Cartoon
Bear Spray lost and found cartoon

He didn’t realize that with bear spray there is no such thing as a little squirt and he emptied the can into the confined space.

Bear Spray Cartoon


The lost and found office was directly above the bathrooms. The caustic pepper spray went down into the vents…


Old man in bathroom cartoon

Bear spray accidents

and tear gassed everyone using the toilet.

WAC Bathroom Bear spray accident

In what can only be presumed was a storm of panic, cussing and confusion, everyone started running out of the bathroom. Some people still had their pants down around their ankles. The employee that blasted off the mace absconded down the stairs and out the building, past “Betsy.” Other patrons not in the bathroom caught wind of the mace or the panic and fled as well.

Wilderness Access Center Denali


During this entire fiasco, the manager, whose mezzanine level office provided a clear view of the entire building, was engrossed in her work and was oblivious to the whole situation. She then received a call from security.

bear spray story

Bear Spray accidents

At that point the manager looked down and realized that everyone had fled. She then felt a sting of embarrassment for being in charge of the place and yet oblivious to the calamity. Or maybe that sting was bear spray wafting in her eyes.

WAC Denali



Have you ever accidentally been shot by mace, pepper spray or bear spray? 

About 10 years ago where you in Denali having a toilet break and got napalmed?

I’d love to hear your comments.


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9 thoughts on “Bear Spray Stories Part 3: Tear Gas”

  1. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    Your cartoons, while always amusing, may have hit a new level of awesomeness in this post.

      • I vote low. But funny! The really funny one is the pair of geezers bailing the privies, he with his package dangling, but pixelated out for modesty’s sake! Worked on that a while, what was that like?

      • Thanks for noticing that detail! Never in my life did I think I’d be drawing pixelated balls for view on the internet.

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