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Snapshots of Alaska in Black and White

Alaska, Freshly Pressed | Discover, Photography

Denali National Park in the summer is full of vibrant color. This is a surprise to a lot of people who think of Alaska as a winter wasteland where snow lasts 11 months a year and the sun never rises.  Trust me, those people exist. But we do get about four months each year of green trees, colorful wildflowers, brilliant fall colors and if we are lucky, some rich blue skies.

As a result, I don’t usually think in terms of black and white when photographing the Great Land. This gallery below however, is an eclectic mix of photos I’ve taken this summer. From the Alaska Railroad to rainbows to fireweed buds, this gallery provides a little glimpse of Alaska in grayscale.

Click on any photo to open up a slideshow view.

Alaska in Black and White Photo Gallery


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122 thoughts on “Snapshots of Alaska in Black and White”

    • Thank you. There is a certain freedom that comes with removing the color. It changes the rules and allows for different ways to express things. I have found that the brightest color photos are often the best B&W.

  1. Thanks Jeff. Very evocative. A lifetime ago I spent a wonderful summer in Alaska. This has brought back many happy memories. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.

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