Bangkok baby at market Street photo

Bangkok Color Part 3: Red

Photo Essay, Thailand

Bangkok Street Photography Lady on Bike

Just Do it Bangkok

Chinese Temple CandlesPost Office Box Bangkok

Pepper in Market Bangkok

Red City Bus

Roosters at Wat in Bangkok


Chinese temple

Bangkok Wat

Chinese New Year

Red on Gold Lion

Red Fanta for Buddha

Bangkok baby at market Street photo

Bangkok Color Part 1: Orange

Bangkok Color Part II: Pink

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Currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I travel, write, take photos, and stalk street cats. ~

18 thoughts on “Bangkok Color Part 3: Red”

    • I have no idea! We haven’t seen too much red in clothes since the King passed away in October, but on Chinese New Year we had it for a day.

  1. Thanks to the Chinese diaspora across East and Southeast Asia, red is now one of the most ubiquitous colors in the region as it is considered auspicious — at least that’s what I read. But my favorite red thing has been, and will always be, red chili peppers. I do love my spicy food!

    • I love my spicy food too, but I have to admit it is taking a toll on me. I usually have a beer with it to cool my mouth, so I sometimes end up with chili and alcohol induced heartburn. 😦

      Bangkok has a visible Chinese influence, even outside Chinatown there are red lanterns, etc, at shops and houses. It is cool to see.

  2. I’m sure there has been no shortage of red with the recent lunar new year.

    I don’t know what those colourful red canisters are for (2nd below the roosters), but I really like that image.

    • I’m not sure either, they were just hanging outside a Chinese Buddhist Temple. Red at Lunar New Year was a little muted this year due to the passing of the King in October. Everyone is wearing black and white (or dark colors) for a year in mourning.

      • They are traditional, but the king as absolutely beloved. He ruled for 70 years and is almost like a godlike figure in a way. There was a tremendous outpouring of grief here.

  3. Eleazar says:

    Thanks for sharing, always a pleasure to see your pictures about the colourful Bangkok.

  4. It strikes me that our worlds are currently completely diverse from a color perspective. You have all of it and we have white and gray. Thanks for brightening my day. Literally.

    • I just spent the last 5 days in Singapore, which is new, modern, clean and sleek. There is almost no color there. On my last day I found a Hindu temple that was all full of character and color! I realized how much I missed he color in Bangkok. I think a lot of the northern cities and a lot of modern cities have abandoned color on buildings which is a shame.

  5. Oh what a terrific collection of stunning red photographs! Yes! Love the chilis, red umbrella…but it is the compilation of them as a collection that works so well.


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