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Photo-A-Day 365 Fail, or What I Saw Last Week

Photo Essay, Thailand

I had the bright idea that I’d take a photo everyday in 2017. I have seen other photographers do a 365-day photo project, and it seemed like a really cool idea. I drank a little too much on December 31st and didn’t take any photos on the first day of the year so that turned out to be a big fail.

But, living in Asia I got a reprieve! I’ll just start on Chinese New Year! Unfortunately, we ate at a super-sketchy back-alley restaurant in Chinatown on Lunar New Year and I became violently ill. I didn’t take any photos, much less leave the house, for a few days.

A photo-a-day project was probably unrealistic for me in the first place so it is good I that failed right away. Since recovering from the Great Chinatown Street Food Disaster of 2017, I have taken a photo everyday so far in February, with the goal taking a photo everyday this month. Here is one photo from each day so far. 

Bangkok Street Photos – February Week 1

Have you ever attempted a photo-a-day project? 

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Currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I travel, write, take photos, and stalk street cats. ~

31 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day 365 Fail, or What I Saw Last Week”

  1. Jeff, these are inspired photographs and I loved every one, but especially the street market with the stray dog. Got a chuckle out of your attempts at the photo-a-day project, because life is just like that.

    • Yes, life is like that. A great photo project in Bangkok would be to document all the 7-11 dogs and street market dogs. People are so nice to the stray animals here.

  2. Love all of the photos Jeff. Currently I am taking a photography course & as part of our assignments, we have to submit a photo, based on a theme, once a week. It is all I can do to find time to get that photo in so I can’t imagine one a day. I think it all comes down to time, time to meander & capture the scenes in front of you.

    • Yes, a weekly photo, especially if you have a theme, seems doable. I took a couple of very mundane photos the last two days, which I suppose is part of the process. Are you posting your weekly photos on your blog?

  3. I am one day away from finishing my second 366 project :). But it hasn’t been difficult because I tend to take photos every day anyways… nothing extraordinary, mostly ordinary. There’s a group of us doing the project here: It’s listeners of the excellent Family Photographer/TWiP Family podcast. Lots of tips and insights on that podcast from people who are doing projects like 365. Check it out sometime. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I can see this being an easier project if you have a family to document. Right now it might not be too hard since I’m in Bangkok and I have some trips planned the next month, but it will become more of a challenge when life gets back to normal.

      Thank you for sharing the link. Do you have a gallery of your two years of photos?

      • I have been posting my daily photos on Flickr ( but I also blog daily and will include a photo there. Honestly, my photos are rarely of my family though… they don’t like to have their photos taken. But taking the daily photo/blog post has just become a habit of mine. And if I miss a day and double up the next day, it’s not a big deal. I found that being too strict kills my motivation. I have to be a little bit flexible! 😃

  4. It sounds like the Universe was trying to send you a message about your 365 Goal. Too bad the 2nd time the message came in the form of food poisoning.

    Like you, I always thought a photo a day sounded like fun and something totally do-able. I never get past the *thinking* stage 🙂

    Your street views of Bangkok are always so interesting. Keep them coming … and try to avoid the sketchy food 😉

    • I think I have a chance to take photos everyday in February – it is the shortest month! Plus, I am taking a few weekend trips this month, doing some interesting things. I think the real challenge in a 365 project are the boring, normal, mundane days.

      Bangkok is very interesting! I will try to do better on the food side. I should have known better on that one.

  5. No photo a day for me but I love seeing yours Jeff. What a great diary it will be of your year and of course my wanderlust meter will blow through the ceiling.

    • Thank you. I think it is relatively easy while traveling, although those long days on buses or trains can be difficult too. I know for me it will be more difficult as I get busy with work in a few months.

  6. I’ve thought about the photo a day challenge, but I’ve always shied away because I would be disappointed if I didn’t come away with 365 great images. But as a photographer you well know what the percentages really are – take 100 and keep? I’ve never wanted to take pictures just for the sake of saying I did.Your February images are great so far…love the Dragon. I’m guessing the street vendor isn’t the one who tried to kill you!

    • So far this months, I’ve shot a photo everyday, but there were two days that I just took my camera to dinner with me and shot a couple of photos just out of obligation. That dragon was one of those actually. I don’t think I can do a whole year, but the process of doing it everyday so far this month has been fun.

      And yes, probably 99% of the photos I take are crap so it can be frustrating on days when I am not as engaged.

    • The Golden Buddha Temple was a happy accident. We went to meet my 5th grade teacher who was in town and this was from the bar atop her hotel. She was running late so we got to have a beer and watch that sunset!

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  8. valentinailieva says:

    What you do is amazing! It is so good to see life through your photos!

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