black and white sunset glacier bay

Glacier Bay in Black and White, 2016 edition

Alaska, Black and White, Photo Essay
Cruise Ship Margerie Glacier

Cruise ship in front of Margerie Glacier shows just how massive the ice sheets are, even though it has receded 60 miles in the last 250 years.


black and white sunset glacier bay

Sunset from Halibut Point in Glacier Bay National Park.


Fireweed in black and white

Fireweed near the beach in Gustavus, Alaska.

Waterfall in Tracy Arm

Waterfall in Tracy Arm.


flock of seagulls black and white

Flock of seagulls at sunset on the Gustavus beach.


Gustavus beach in black and white

Bench at the beach in Gustavus with a storm approaching.


Glacier Bay Halibut Point Black and White

Long exposure sunset photo from Halibut Point.


bald eagle in black and white

Bald Eagle, or #’Murica!


Glacier Bay NP in Black and White

Sea lions and seagulls on the South Marble Island in Glacier Bay.


Bartlett Cove black and white

Bike and boat pier at Bartlett Cove.


Mendenhall glacier black and white

Mendenhall Glacier and Nugget Falls in Juneau.


Northern Lights in black and white over Bartlett Cove.

Northern lights and big dipper over Bartlett Cove.


Bartlett Cove sunset

Sunset over Bartlett Cove with lupine blooming.


Iceberg in Tracy Arm black and white

Massive icebergs from the Sawyer Glacier clog Tracy Arm.


Gustavus Beach sunset black and white

Gustavus beach at sunset.

The above photos were all taken in Glacier Bay National Park or the neighboring areas of Gustavus, Juneau or Tracy Arm, all during this summer of 2016

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15 thoughts on “Glacier Bay in Black and White, 2016 edition”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Black and white gives such a different feeling. I have to day, though, I do think I like the fireweed in color better, just my 2 cents. Love the bike rack!

    • Black and white certainly does change the mood. I think I like the fireweed in black and white because it was stormy and grey that night – the flowers made it pop in the photo, but in real life the mood was ominous. The bike rack is one of my favs too. Thank you for your 2 cents!

  2. I appreciate all of these, and really love some of them in B&W, like the eagle, the bench, the dogwood, etc. But I still have the seagulls in my mind in color, and I love them so much that way with the warmer sun. Then again, if I hadn’t seen them that way first, I’d still love the B&W version of that lovely crowd!

    • I hesitated to include that one in the set because the light was striking, but there is nice contrast for the birds in b&w too. Thank you for the kind words!

  3. Jo Millard says:

    Seeing the Big Dipper through the Northern Lights was truly a wow for me.
    You continue to amaze me…I shall miss your view of Alaska.

  4. It’s so interesting which ones people like better in colour. For B&W I love Gustavus Beach at sunset, and the flock of seagulls. I like Halibut point and the fireweed better in colour.
    The whole collection has a completely different mood in B&W. Lovely.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Alison. Photography is very subjective – I wonder what people would say without seeing them in color in the previous post?

  5. Jeff although I am not much of a black and white fan, it’s hard to not love each and every one of these. The first with the rippling sand and reflecting water really speaks to me.
    Are you headed to Thailand now?

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