Bangkok pink taxi

Bangkok Color Part 2: Pink

Photo Essay, Thailand

Bangkok street photography

Hua Lamphong Train Station

Bangkok dragon fruitBangkok umbrella

Bangkok pink hair

Bangkok lady with Hello Kitty

Bangkok bus


Bangkok pink girl

Bangkok street photography Pink

Bangkok pink taxi

Are you surprised to see so much pink in Bangkok?

Bangkok Color Part 1: Orange

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Currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I travel, write, take photos, and stalk street cats. ~

35 thoughts on “Bangkok Color Part 2: Pink”

  1. Ahhh there it is…the bubblegum pink taxi!!

    Actually my favorite photo here is the pink bus with the accompanying pink hijab. Dragonfruits are dynamic too. A very fun and upbeat collection of pinks.


    • Since I’ve been working on these posts I’ve realized just how dominant of a color pink is in Bangkok. I like the pink buses because I can always see them coming down the road! I like those hijabs too – that was serendipitous.

  2. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised to see all that pink … especially the Hello Kitty. Those 2 photos were my favourite … and no, I’m not a Hello Kitty fan 🙂

    What puzzles me though is why there is always so much bright colour in a warm country with blazing sunshine and yet in cold countries during the winter months when we could use the burst of bright colour, everything tends to be muted.

    • You’d think northern houses would be bright and colorful to help get through the winter, but I guess the colors reflect the nature around them. There is quite a lot of Hello Kitty, and cat stuff in general here. People love their cats here!

  3. Ha! The pink taxi! I never realized how much pink there was in Bangkok until I saw your photos. I believe pink is usually avoided in male-dominated cultures. But a friend of mine once said “I don’t need to wear black to be a man.” Such colorful and uplifting photos, Jeff!

    • I didn’t realize all the pink until I was looking through my photos one day and decided to do a post on colors. I am now seeing pink, yellow, orange and red everywhere, but no so much blue or green. I have a lot of pink clothes but I haven’t worn any of them since the King passed away. I also have a sweet batik shirt from Indonesia I need to loose a few pounds to wear.

  4. In some of these pictures it feels like the pink is leaping out of the screen! I don’t remember any of this when I was there… though it was after a relatively sleepless red-eye flight from Sri Lanka and I did eventually doze off on the ferry to the Grand Palace. An awesome compilation, Jeff – and it makes me wish I’d spent more time exploring Jakarta with camera in tow.

    • Since I started working on these posts I have really started looking at color in a different way, and pink is simply everywhere here. It is mostly on signs, cars, clothes and umbrellas. I’d love to see a post of the colors of Jakarta!

  5. A cheerful way to start my week! I love all this pink, and actually, I would expect lots of pink in Bangkok – I always think of Bangkok as full of flowers (why, I don’t know?!) that are pink, orange and yellow, so seeing all of this hue seems normal. Great photos.

    • There are a lot of flowers here. In the stinky sewer ditch that runs along a big road near my house they have planted big flowers all along it 🙂 There are also lots of just green potted plants outside entrances to add a little nature to the concrete jungle.

    • Pink has grown on me. It is on a lot of buildings and signs here, something I normally don’t like, but I’m getting used to it.

  6. No so much surprised at the color but surprised at the variety. Always enjoy exploring with you Jeff. Is it still so hot there?

  7. Actually I am surprised to see so much pink. I liked the pink chairs and tables of the cafe place the most!

    • I noticed it later, but since I’ve started this series I am seeing color in a whole new way. It has been something to motivate me to go take pics. Great question.

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