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Rose Scam in Italy

The Rose Scam

It is straight out of every girl’s Italian fantasy. She is at an iconic landmark like the Spanish Steps, the Rialto Bridge or the Piazza Navone, and she is approached by a handsome, charming Latin Lover with a bad boy look but a soft heart. […]

Venice, Italy blue hour

The Venetian Blue Hour

Photographers call the time after sunset before it gets totally dark the “blue hour.” It is a great time to take photos, especially cityscapes, as the intermingling of natural and artificial light creates dramatic effects and the world is imbued with blue. For non-photographers like […]

Symi Door Photogenic Decay

Colorful Symi in Black and White

Symi, Greece, is one of the most colorful, most photogenic places I’ve ever been. It is a small town of orange, yellow and white buildings accented with dark blue shudders and doors. The polychromatic, neoclassical buildings climb up steep, tawny hills. During our visit, we […]