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The Isle of Crete – A Photo Tour

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Crete Map

If you could only visit one island in Greece, Crete would be the obvious choice. Heck, if you could only visit one island in the world, Crete would have to be at the top of the list. 

Crete is a selfish island. It is a compulsive hoarder of stunning beaches, tucking them away in every remote corner. And seriously, how many quaint little villages does one island need? Can’t Crete share a few with other less-fortunate islands?

Man bored at Knossos, Greece

Look how bored I am at Knossos.

Crete is also incredibly diverse. There are few places on earth where you can lounge on a white sand beach one day and then hike in the White Mountains the next, so named because the 8000 ft. tall peaks are covered in snow in the winter.

Crete really does have it all. Even huge history nerds will be happy here visiting the 4000-year-old Minoan ruins at Knossos. Knossos bored me to absolute tears and that is saying something because I love ruins. You can probably skip that one and head straight to the villages, mountains and beaches. You can thank me later for that.

As promised by the headline, this is a photo post.

Crete Photo Gallery


What are your favorite islands? 

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Currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I travel, write, take photos, and stalk street cats. ~ planetbell1@gmail.com

28 thoughts on “The Isle of Crete – A Photo Tour”

    • Those are beautiful photos of Santorini. I think you saw more of the island than we did. We were lazy and spent most of our time at the pool or in Oia.

      • Thank you for your generous words. I really appreciate it. Yes we hiked from Oia to Fira and almost perished in the heat. Another day we drove to the much quieter opposite end of the island. One of my favourite spots on the planet.

  1. Good job, Jeff, showing the beautifully diverse island of Crete. Sometimes I pinch myself that I live here. Other times, I wonder what the heck!! All in all, I will cry when we have to leave.
    p.s. You and Kristi might enjoy my blog post about the 12 Days of Crete-mas now that you’ve been here. Sorry we never had the chance to visit.


    • 12 Days of Crete-mas – That is classic. I did see plenty of dumpster cats and grandmas sweeping. I never did try Raki even though it was free a few times. Thanks for sharing that post.

  2. I’m not really a beach person, but those beaches look amazing.

    I don’t think I have any pictures of islands either. Gosh, no sunsets, no islands… I’m clearly taking too many pictures of cats 🙂

    • In the near future I will do a photo post of cats so that you can participate.

      I am not really a beach person either – I can’t sit still for more than 10 minutes without freaking out. I think that is why I liked Crete as most of the beaches were backed by cliffs where I could wander off and explore.

      • Oh, good. I think I’ve got some real winners: cat in a bag, cat in a sink, cat in the laundry…

        I’m kind of the same way. I can do maybe one day of sitting at the beach. When I’m traveling I want to explore, not just sun myself.

  3. Thanks for the link back! I love Crete so much, you’re 100% spot on with pick this island over any other… Funny to see your pictures from all the places I’ve been, including that hike minus the snow! Eventually, when I’m here in the summer, I’ll see it as well!

    • Your photos of the snow were very interesting to me. When we visited it was warm and sunny but the whole area there reminded me of Colorado, not what I expected out of the Greek Isles. I’m jealous that you get to spend so much time there. We had eight days and just got started!

  4. Jeff, this is great inspiration to head to Crete. We’ve only done a few of the islands (love Santorini) … looks like we’ll have to go back. Yay! ~Terri

    • There are so many islands to choose from it is a bit overwhelming. Crete was a blast and we only saw the western 1/3 of the island. We need to go back and see the rest of the island!

  5. BBQboy says:

    Fantastic photos! Crete is not a place I hear much about but looks beautiful – and mountainous! Most of the Greek islands quite flat.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    • Anthonie says:

      Yes most islands are flatter than Crete, but still lots of hills to some mountains for some.

      But not to forget
      Greece has over 80% of mountains, making it in the top 3 most mountainous countries of Europe. Also Greece has among the highest prominence mountains in all Europe. Around 20% of all highest prominence mountains of Europe lie in Greece(Ultra peaks). It means how much a mountain sticks out in comparison to its lowest surrounding area. The larger the prominence, the more the mountains stick out in comparison to its surroundings.

      Greece also has one of the richest flora of all of Europe. Greece has well over 6000-7000 plant species with 18-22% being endemic.

      In comparison: Great Britain is 30+ times larger than Crete, and has 950 plant species. The island of Crete has 2200 plant species with 200 endemic. Much more diverse than the whole of Great Britain.

      Other comparison is. Spain which is 3 times bigger than Greece has 5000-5500 plant species, while Greece has 6000-7000.

      The amount of plant species in comparison to it’s land surface is therefore particularly very high in Greece
      This is because of the very diverse topography, geography and mountains. That is why Greece has an absolute gorgeous natural wealth

      • Thank you for the information. That makes sense that Greek mountains are “high prominence.” In Crete, for example, they rise over 8000 ft. from sea level.

        I was surprised by the diversity of the nature in Greece. It is a truly spectacular country and I wish I’d have visited it earlier. It is easily one of my top 5 countries. Thank you again for sharing.

  6. Elisabeth Duckeck says:

    Thanks for these nice pics and info about Crete! The island has become my home 17 years ago from the first moment I came here for the first time! Just see the link below and everybody will understand why I do not need to go to any other place in the world because on Crete you will find it all:

  7. Anthonie says:

    Or these 2 videos of Incredible Crete

    Incredible Crete – Incredible hospotality

    Incredible Crete – Incredible Flavours

    Incredible Crete – A journey through the countryside

    Incredible Crete – A journey to your senses

    • kuzcomerlin says:

      The video Incredible Hospitality is my absolute favorite! It was heart-touching me and expresses exactly the feeling I have for the people here! I myself experienced such a hospitality visiting first time Crete and dispite of my father-in-law fighting in WW2 against the German invasion I was absolutely welcomed as a bride-to-be in the family 18 years ago. Is you only experience on Crete and nowhere else in the world!

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