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18 Photos of Valletta, Malta

Valletta skyline at dusk

Do you know where Malta is? Let’s take a quiz.

Truth be told, I’d have had a hard time finding it on a map before I decided to visit last December. A nearly free stopover between Sicily and Turkey prompted us to make a short visit, and I am glad we did. We didn’t venture far from the rocking nightlife of Sliema (not that we are into rocking nightlife, but our hotel was right above a booming club) and the narrow, photogenic streets of Valletta, the capital city.

Malta was the end of the trip and thus we were pretty lazy, but I did manage to take a few photos. Below is a photo gallery of Valletta, the sleepy city of 7000 residents. Click on any photo to open a slideshow view.

Malta Photo Gallery


Have you been to Malta? 

What is your favorite photo on the above gallery?


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32 thoughts on “18 Photos of Valletta, Malta

  1. I love Malta, Jeff. Your beautuful photos really capture it. We spent 3 weeks there after living in Amsterdam, and Valletta is such a joy. We rode the old “Boneshaker” buses all over the island and never tired of the views. ~Terri

  2. Did you see any local dogs. Apparently they have a rabbit catching breed called a pharaoh hound brought over by the Phoenicians 100s of years ago. Interested as my Sudanese dog looks very similar!

  3. Great pictures. Be sure to visit Gozo on the next visit. There is lots to see in Malta and Gozo for those who have not visited. I can’t personally wait to visit again.

    • Dave – There is a lot to see in this small country for sure! We were there in December and it was at the end of a long European trip, so we were happy to stay in Valletta. I agree that I am interested in going back and seeing Gozo and the Blue Lagoon. Thank you for commenting.

  4. Hi, love this post. I hope you don’t mind I’ve added the link and a few lines to my post: STEP 297 – Explore the City of Valletta, Malta. Hopefully it will send some more pageviews your way.

    We’d also love you to share your story from your visit by joining our STEPS challenge. You might even make our Top 100 travellers list.

    Thanks again and happy travels.


  5. I was a few winters ago in January.. What a gallery you have posted!! Hats off, Jeff! I have a few Malta posts (the last one was posted on February 17 if you are curious ;)). I have one word about the place – WOW!

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