Symi Door Photogenic Decay

Colorful Symi in Black and White

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Symi Sunrise black white photo

Symi, Greece, is one of the most colorful, most photogenic places I’ve ever been. It is a small town of orange, yellow and white buildings accented with dark blue shudders and doors. The polychromatic, neoclassical buildings climb up steep, tawny hills. During our visit, we had cerulean skies, sometimes punctuated by gleaming, bilious clouds.

Due to the bright and contrasting color, Symi is beautiful when photographed in black and white. I took hundreds and hundreds of photos in our four days in Symi as the changing light throughout the day and night continually offered something new and beautiful. And there was little else to do. It is a mellow, chill town – a great place to unwind and relax.

Symi Photo Gallery

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13 thoughts on “Colorful Symi in Black and White”

  1. Amazing photos, as usual. I think the first (Symi harbor with rain clouds) is my favorite.

    And I just noticed you were Freshly Pressed a couple of weeks ago. Congrats!

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