36 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Guanajuato, Mexico”

    • Thank you. Which city do you think is prettier – Guanajuato or San Miguel? I’ve never made it over to SMA yet.

      • Both equally pretty, but different. In some ways SMA is more open in that it’s not squished into such a narrow valley, but it doesn’t have the variety of colour that Guanajuato has. I couldn’t pick between them. They’re both beautiful.

      • My only complaint with Guanajuato is that it gets dark in the afternoon being down in the canyon, but it is so colorful and the view from the Papila Monument is sublime. Have you explored the area much yet or are you just enjoying SMA?

      • Just enjoying SMA, and healing sore hips, knees and backs that all really need a good rest. Every few months it seems we just need to stop for awhile. We’re resting a lot, we’ve been to a few movies, and Don goes to Pilates. Eventually we’ll feel like venturing out again.

      • Nothing wrong with that. You two have really been on the move over the years. I don’t know how you do it. I can go strong for about 10 weeks then need an extended rest. Glad you are enjoying SMA and the quiet life for now.

  1. I like looking at your photos because I can imagine me passing these places and saying, wow look at that blue door, and snapping it. I’m wondering about that statue with all the bulges in the wrong place?? That kid turning away from the mariachis is priceless.
    PS…right, I’m back after being gone for almost a whole month. But apparently you are in the exact right place to be blogging, eh?

    • I am not sure about that statue. The kid was throwing a tantrum and laying on the ground, and dad scooped him up and put him in front of the statue so mom could take his photo. It was really funny. That kid was probably freaked out by a group of grown men in costume playing music. Yes, I have some time on my hands to do some blogging and get caught up on sharing my Mexican trip. Were you gone for work or fun?

      • I envy your time…time has always been more important to me than money. I soooo value time to do what I want to do, whether it’s travel or writing or nothing at all.
        No, I was AWOL because of this ball and chain my work straps onto my body each semester. But I’m trying to discover another hour in my day so I can post! Are you thinking of teaching English there…it used to be a big thing. I almost did it.

    • Mexico is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and Guanajuato may be the most beautiful town. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Some fantastic shots here Jeff! The one of little kid being carried away cracked me up! I am sure there is a story there:)

    • His dad wanted him to pose for a photo and he was refusing. He just scooped him up and moved him into place. Thanks for the compliments and comments.

  3. Beautiful series ~ Guanajuato was one of the first cities I visited in Mexico so long agao…it still holds so much magic as shown by your photos.

    • It is such a fun and lively city. It seems to only be getting better too. Mexico is loaded with great cities, maybe the best collection of cities outside of Europe I think.

  4. A fantastic collection Jeff. I love the diversity of images. It makes me feel as though I have walked the street with you.

  5. Love, love your photo essay – you are so good in photography especially the street life!
    How was the safety of the city street there? I am wondering how the locals react towards travelers with camera clicking at them..

    • I had absolutely no problem taking photos in Mexico. Of course, most of the time I was in a central area of the town. Mexico is surprisingly safe for visitors. 9 times out of 10 if someone busted me taking their photo they’d smile, but most of the time they didn’t notice I snapped it.

  6. These photos need no explanation, Jeff – they really speak for themselves. How long were you there again? Looks like I’d max out my camera’s memory cards in Guanajuato after a day or two! One of my favourite shots is the group of young Mexican (?) tourists looking around and ogling the architecture. You are so good at capturing the street life.

    • Thank you James. I was there 4 days. It is probably the most photogenic city I visited. It sits in a narrow valley and feels more like an old world city than a perfectly planned colonial city on a grid like so many others in Mexico.

      I like the photo of the tourists looking around too. I think that is a reflection of what I was doing!

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