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21 Leftover Photos from Uzbekistan

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Here are a series of portraits and snapshots of Uzbekistan that didn’t make it into my other photo essays from the country. Instead of leaving them on my hard drive where no one will see them, I decided to put them on my blog where…almost no one will see them. Click any photo to open a slideshow view.

21 Travel Photos of Uzbekistan

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Currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I travel, write, take photos, and stalk street cats. ~ planetbell1@gmail.com

24 thoughts on “21 Leftover Photos from Uzbekistan”

  1. Jeff, I enjoyed these photos. Great idea to include them here on the blog, I particularly love the one with the acrobats in Khiva.

  2. I’m really glad I am seeing these. What a great collection. I love the one of the mud wall in kiva and all the portraits and the cars, which brought up good memories of Cuba. Especially like the photo of the elderly woman with her hands folded in front. Glad you decided to share these with us.


    • Thanks Peta. I was fascinated by the cars also. Modern cars are obviously better – more fuel-efficient, safer, more reliable. But they are so boring to look at and totally unphotogenic. Like in Cuba, it must take some inginuity to keep those on the road.

  3. I have thousands of photos like this that never make the blog. I’m so glad you decided to share these. there are some beauties in this collection – the 3 women on the bench, the portrait of the old woman, the women in front of the mosque . . .

    • Thanks Alison. We end up with so many photos and stories from our trips we can’t share them all. Even my wife hasn’t seen most of our photos 🙂

      • Nor Don mine. Sometimes I look back at what I’ve kept and wonder why. Pretty much always the best of them end up on the blog.

  4. These are great photos, Jeff. The sunrise shots from Bukhara and Khiva are sublime! And as always, you take some really interesting photos of the local people.

    • Thanks Bama. The people were interesting to photograph and talk to. They are quite friendly like SE Asians, but not so smiley. They have a tough exterior, but they are big teddy bears underneath.

  5. Love them all, but the restaurant scene is my favorite. It can be hard deciding which images to share. I gasp every time I open my photo software and see the total number of pictures! I should really delete the ones I’m never going to use, but I don’t quite seem to get around to it.

    • Deleting the old photos is so time-consuming, but I should probably do some of that too. However, you never know when you might need an old one.

    • It was a small acrobat show – two brothers and a little boy who did like one stunt. These guys were amazing – Olympic level strength and balance.

  6. Very nice photos – I like the organic look. No one is preening about. My favorite photo is the one with the orange car and yellow flowers. It certainly is talking to me.

  7. Leftovers sells this series short, Jeff. 😉 These are wonderful. You have a radar for great old cars, love your portraits of the kids going down the steps, the men playing backgammon (I love things in threes), the woman in Khiva and the silhouettes. Terrific work, as always.

  8. I mistakenly scrolled back through the lead photos on your posts before coming here, Jeff, and you have some real beauties! I’d gone way past 21 when I realised 🙂 🙂

    • That restaurant was bizarre. The downstairs dining area was extremely opulent, fit for a meeting of Russian oligarchs. Upstairs, where we ate, was like a rustic country inn with strange decorations. There are lots of great characters in Uzbekistan to photograph.

  9. You make me laugh. I bet quite a few people will see these beauties. Was that acrobatics scene a random street scene? Love the old guys playing backgammon, especially the supervisor.

    • The acrobats do a daily show. It is a pair of brothers who had Olympic level balance and strength. I think it cost like $5 to watch and I was one of three people there, but I assume during the high season they have tour groups there.

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