Uzbekistan in Black and White

Uzbekistan in Black and White

Black and White, Photography, Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a great country for black and white photography enthusiasts. The bright desert light creates deep shadows and stark contrast, especially in the early morning and late afternoon. The bold yet simple architecture serves as a perfect backdrop for stylish people. And at night, the illuminated minarets and mosques stand in stark relief to the black desert sky. Uzbekistan is a photography paradise whether you shoot in color or monochrome.

Here are a few of my photos converted to black and white. Click any image to open a slideshow view for easier viewing.

Uzbekistan Photos in Black & White

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32 thoughts on “Uzbekistan in Black and White”

  1. The Khiva at night photo, the praying man of Bukhara and the guy reading in Samarqand are absolute gems, worth of a glossy magazine. But even the others! Love how ‘immediate’ they are, especially the ones describing a fleeting moment of city life (the handshake, the old lady, the cyclist)… Absolutely great!

  2. I know nothing about black and white photography but I can see how in these the detail comes leaping out. I especially love the ones with the shadows at the gate. Brilliant as always Jeff.

  3. I enjoy a good b/w image, and think everyone should give it a shot or 100. I’d have to agree Uzbekistan looks good in b/w. It’s near monochrome anyway, why not go for drama?

    • Good point – Uzbekistan is already shades of brown and blue mostly, so monochrome makes sense. Plus, everything is so old it gives it a nostalgic feel. Thanks for commenting.

  4. They are stunning. I particularly like the one with the light shining through the ornate entranceway—though I remember loving that one in colour too.
    Happy New Year and all the best to you and Kristy.

  5. Marvelous series of street and architecture images, Jeff. Your ability to see shadows, light and gesture is impressive and a delight to view. Wishing you a wonderful new year filled with adventure and creativity! 🌟

    • Thank you Jane. It is especially nice coming from someone so talented with black and white photos as yourself. Happy new year!

  6. These captures of Uzbekistan are fantastic! How much time did you spend there, and what time of year did you visit?

    Ever since I spent a few months in Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, I’ve longed to visit Uzbekistan. The architecture and handicrafts look incredible, and I’ve heard the people are very welcoming, too.

    • Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are at the top of my list. I want to explore more of the old Soviet Republics because I found Uzbekistan to be so interesting.

      I went in October and spent about 2 weeks, which is about right if you just visit the Silk Road cities. There are mountainous regions in the east that I did not visit. The People were wonderful, and it is really easy to get around since there is a high speed rail line that connects the major cities, and the subway in Tashkent is excellent. The food is great, but not vegetarian friendly at all – my wife is a vegetarian and had a hard time. Move Uzbekistan to the top of your list – it is wonderful!

      • It’s great to hear that it’s easy to get around Uzbekistan! I’d heard that the high-speed rail is reliable, but I didn’t know that Tashkent had an excellent subway. My husband and I actually used the subway to get around Yerevan, Tbilisi, and Baku, and it was quite reliable. We even rode the Soviet-era overnight train from Georgia to Armenia and Georgia to Azerbaijan. We tried to avoid riding the marshrutkas (shared minivans) for great distances, simply because the trains were safer.

        If you don’t mind a follow-up question, what were the internet speeds like in Uzbekistan?

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