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Behind the Lens – Pure Joy

This photo of the kids playing with bubbles in Singapore was recently featured on Discover, so I thought I’d give you the backstory on the shot.

It was Friday evening in Singapore and a very tall man was making bubbles with a big rope thingy. Rope thingy is the technical term, just so you know. Children would gather in front of him and as he’d lift the rope out of the soapy water, the wind would send huge bubbles floating down the lawn. The kids chased the bubbles with reckless abandon.

I wanted a shot of the bubbles and the kids faces, so I had to get in the middle of the action. I plopped down in the grass and waited for the kids to run towards me. Sometimes the bubbles would drift to my left or right and I wouldn’t get anything. Once, when the bubbles came right at me, I got plowed over by a five-year-old girl who has a promising future in rugby.

I shot in manual mode, with zone focus, so that I could concentrate on snapping pictures and not tinkering with focus or exposure. I took dozens of photos, most of them failures, which is often the case with moving subjects. And even though the boy isn’t perfectly in focus, I like this one the best because it captures the pure joy on his face.

Singapore boy with bubbles

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25 thoughts on “Behind the Lens – Pure Joy

  1. That’s a great strategy for trying to capture moving targets. I’ll have to remember that trick.
    I love this photo because you are down at their level and I agree about the look of joy of his face … plus the little girl, second on the right.

  2. I love seeing those happy faces! Congrats on being featured on Discover, Jeff! Shooting moving people is always a challenge for me, and I usually end up not getting any decent photo at all. I should try that zone focus trick and see how it works.

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