Cuba Classic Car

The Classic Cars of Cuba, Part II

Cuba, Photo Essay

On the previous post, I explained why there are so many classic cars in Cuba and talked about how incredible it is that so many are still on the road today despite an embargo from the USA. This post is just photos – vintage car porn, if you will.

Here are more photos that didn’t fit in the original post. Click on any photo to enlarge.

Vintage Car Photos From Cuba

Does this make you want to rent a ’57 Cadillac convertible and cruise around Havana with the top down? 

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19 thoughts on “The Classic Cars of Cuba, Part II”

    • I think someday it is inevitable that they will be off the road. I think they use them out of necessity. They are so cool though!

  1. Absolutely love the last shot. Black and white, the rain, headlights and a couple in the back seat. Straight out of a movie!

    • Thanks Laura. It was pouring rain and I found a place to stay dry and shoot cars as they came by. It wasn’t easy but I got some shots that look like they are from 1955 and not 2015.

  2. Kat says:

    I wonder if they have problems with parallel parking (side parking)? Those vintage cars are huge and long!

    • I bet they do. Plus, they probably don’t have power steering. There are so few cars on the road over all though that finding a place to park isn’t too hard.

  3. I can tell you this…it doesn’t make me want to rent that pink 53 Chev convertible!! PINK! Really? Who are those guys? I know they like bright colors, but isn’t their a code of macho in Cuba?

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