Photo Essay: The Mosques of Istanbul

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The muezzin’s call to prayer always reminds me that I am someplace exotic. Well, that and camels.  More than veiled women and squiggly writing, when I see camels and/or hear the call to prayer over the crackling speakers, I realize I am a long ways from home.  

The most beautiful buildings in the world tend to be places of religious worship, like churches, temples, mosques and now office buildings and sports stadiums. Istanbul has an impressive collection of mosques which are all open to the public. From every vantage point in town, needle-sharp minarets stab at the sky. The mosques feature intricately detailed interiors and robust, bulbous exteriors.

Below is a collection of photos of the mosques of Istanbul. Click on any photo to open a slideshow view that will not only enhance your viewing pleasure, but also allow you to read the captions.

The Mosques of Istanbul Photo Gallery


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