10 Photos of a Stunning Santorini Sunset

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I don’t know what to say about the sunset we saw last night. Words and photos can’t do it justice. It was the type of sunset that proves the existence of God.

It was so mind-blowing even the locals stopped working and walked out from their shops to watch and take photos, in spite of the fact that they see hundreds of awe-inspiring sunsets each year. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a sunset quite so spectacular, and I had the great fortune to watch it in the photogenic town of Oia, on the magical island of Santorini.

While most of the tourists fight for prime photography position in area on the far west of town (just as we did our first night) we found a quiet, more beautiful spot to watch the sunset. We shared the area with a few photographers who were using the classic blue domes of the churches as a foreground for the sunset. It was ethereal.

Enough words. Here are 10 photos of the sunset.

Santorini Sunset Photos

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31 thoughts on “10 Photos of a Stunning Santorini Sunset”

  1. Jeff, as I’ve said in our Santorini posts, it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo there. But, even by these standards, these photos are exceptional. Very well done. Hopefully, you had a glass of wine in hand. ~James

  2. It’s hard to invent an incredible sky like that that! Gorgeous.

    As for digitally enhanced, I’m usually trying to get scenes (especially sunsets) to look as good as they did in real life which is usually a challenge. The Snapseed app was helpful for that.

    • I’ll have the check the Snapseed app. I started using Lightroom last summer which can make anything look good. I think some of those photos need some highlights and shadows tweaked, but it was so magical the camera was able to get most of it without problem.

  3. I have loved this island but I am afraid to go back there as tourism may have spoilt a lot. But your photos could convince me.

    • We are here in late October, obviously, and it is almost empty. We are staying in Oia as there are some great late seasons deals.

      It is very touristy. I’d probably not stay in Oia during the high season, just come here for sunset. All the prices are very high and all the shops are focused on tourism. We have a kitchenette in our place and we have cooked all our own food, which has been great. We’d spent almost no money here.

      Have you been to Crete? That is our favorite Island. Symi is also awesome if you haven’t been.

      • I was in Crete this past summer. I did post an article in my blog as well. I loved it.

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