Hiking is an Absurd Activity

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On June 20, I hiked the 9-mile length of the Triple Lakes Trail in Denali National Park, starting at the Visitor Center and ending at my cabin. I had no idea how grueling it was going to be. I also had no idea how out of shape I was.

I created this infographic to show my thoughts at various points on the trail. If you ever find yourself in Denali National Park with 4 hours to kill and 1200 calories to burn, I highly recommend this hike.

Triple Lake Infographic2

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12 thoughts on “Hiking is an Absurd Activity”

  1. That infographic was too good :). I have always wanted to try hiking and trekking and stuff like that…now I have to think twice hmmmm!!!!

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  4. This is so funny and so true. What other creature would (just for fun) get up early, lug pounds and pounds of equipment up a giant hill, just to walk back down again. Human beings can be so silly.

    The infographic must have taken some serious time but it is amazing. I pretty much am the guy who thinks they must be halfway there only .3 mi into the hike.

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