Why I Love Traveling in the Middle East

Istanbul Blue Mosque.

Middle East Map

“Did you experience any anti-Americanism?”

“Was it dangerous?”

“Did you eat your body weight in falafel?”

These are common questions I get after traveling to the Middle East. Read More

4 Tips for Surviving the Most Dangerous Part of 3rd World Country Travel

When I travel to “scary” third-world countries, my parents worry. They envision me kidnapped by Jihadists, murdered by drug lords or held captive by a rogue government and forced to pay a ransom for my release. Read More

The 12 Times (That I know of) That I’ve been Severely Ripped-Off, Robbed, Nearly Murdered or Kidnapped while Traveling


1. The time I was pick-pocketed in the Roman metro


I was packed into a crowded carriage on the Roman metro during rush hour, and as the train pulled into a stop, a young gypsy girl – maybe 16-years-old – pulled up her shirt, flashed her boobies at me and started shouting. For some reason, this did not register as odd to me. I stared at her, dumfounded and mesmerized. “Europe = awesome!” is all that I can remember thinking. Read More