Why I Love Traveling in the Middle East

Istanbul Blue Mosque.

Middle East Map

“Did you experience any anti-Americanism?”

“Was it dangerous?”

“Did you eat your body weight in falafel?”

These are common questions I get after traveling to the Middle East. Read More

Being Rich Ain’t Cheap, or Two Backpackers Stay at a 5-Star Hotel in Dubai.

Dubai Skyline Sheraton Hotel
Dubai Skyline

The view from our 5-star hotel in Dubai. We stayed at a few places in India that didn’t even have windows.


The Al Jah Coffee shop in the shadow of the luxury hotels. Cost of a coke: 2 Dirhams. Cost of a coke at the hotel: 20 Dirham. Someone is getting rich in Dubai.

I am a budget traveler, a backpacker. I can be described as cheap, but I prefer the term frugal. Read More