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Things I Saw in March (15 Photos)

Street Photography, Thailand

I took a photo every day in February, and I intended to the do the same in March. I failed. However, I have a very good excuse – I got my wisdom teeth ripped from my face by a sadistic dentist removed. I probably could have shot photos in spite of the pain, but it was more fun to get high on pain meds and eat ice cream.

I didn’t leave Bangkok at all during March, but I did walk around and explore some new parts of the city. Here are some photos I took in the streets of the Thai capital.

Bangkok Street Photos From March, 2017

Bangkok Kites

I came across this vacant lot and found a few boys flying kites. When this kid’s kite crashed, his cow came over and sat on the string and refused to move. Eventually, the string had to be cut.

Street food stall in Chinatown

Street food stall in Chinatown.

Chinatown hotel

Seen in Chinatown.

LDC Dentists Bangkok

This photo seemed like a good idea at the time, but maybe I was tripping on pain meds.

Elephant polo

We went to the King’s Cup, an elephant polo tournament. I got to touch an elephant.

Chinatown reflection.

Chinatown reflection.

Wat Traimit at sunset.

Wat Traimit at sunset.

Seri Thai Park

Men gather each afternoon to play board games in Seri Thai Park near my house.

Soi cats Bangkok

I have been working on creating layers by putting people in the foreground, middle ground and background to create depth.

Elephant Polo Bangkok

This photographer is serious about getting close to his subject, or maybe the subject was serious about getting close to him.

Kuan Yin Shrine

The signs at the Kuan Yin Shrine said NO PHOTOS, but the only person there was asleep so I snuck a few shots.

Wat Bang Peng Tai

Seen at Wat Bang Peng Tai in Min Buri.

Yodpiman Flower Market

Seen at the Yodpiman Flower Market.

Bangkok Street Photos Talat Mai

A shop at the Talat Mai which translates to “New Market.” The market is 200 years old.

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34 thoughts on “Things I Saw in March (15 Photos)”

  1. Nice photos. Like the cow story best. Funnily enough I had my wisdom teeth out in Bangkok and one tooth shot across the room and the dentist Laughed!

    • That sounds like Bangkok dentistry. Although they spoke perfect English, I didn’t get a lot of warning before tools were in my mouth and teeth were being ripped out. That cow experience was fun.

  2. At least you tried, I haven’t picked up my camera in months. Love the expression of the girl on the right in the 2nd image. “I can’t eat with you taking pictures” The cow/kite shot/story is great! Good luck in this month!

    • I think you’ve been too busy to take photos, right? The cow was great fun. I have printed out those photos and plan to deliver them to the boys.

  3. A great gallery as always. There were 2 in particular that made me smile – the “no photos” one (no harm, no foul 😉 ) and the bored cartoon on the following photo. The cartoon on the TV seemed to the capture the mood in the photo perfectly!

    • That cartoon does capture that mood – I never thought of it that way. I like that the cartoon is wearing orange like the monks. My camera is silent so I didn’t feel too bad taking that shot.

  4. Eleazar says:

    Love this series of photos, interesting and fun!!
    Thanks for sharing once again!

  5. What an interesting collection! The two artsy ones of the temple in silhouette and the shrine photo you “snuck”…Those are pretty dramatic! The first one is a great street scene and the one with the boy and his kite is a lovely story.

    Not crazy about the idea of elephants playing polo though…that’s definitely not a natural environment obviously … I would not enjoy watching that after having seen elephants living in their natural habitat and understanding what kind of intensely cruel training they have to go through for ths kind of entertainment for humans… okay, okay, off my soapbox.

    Nice collection Jeff!

  6. that traveling nurse says:

    The lion with it’s mouth open and then the images of a couple of smiling mouths in the background.. was that intentional? or like you said, just happened to trip on them? 😉

    • That was intentional. I saw the signs with the mouths and thought that might make an interesting backdrop, then I saw the lion. I needed to move the signs closer to the lion to make it a better shot, but that might have caused confusion and angst for the dentist office 🙂

  7. The funny ones get my vote today—monk on his cellphone with that great image on the big screen, and the crazy photographer and elephant. It’s always a joy to see your photography Jeff.

    • Thank you Caroline. I am glad you’ve started posting about your trip to Asia – I’m looking forward to getting caught up on those.

  8. So many good photos here Jeff. I chuckled at the shot of the lion’s mouth with all the teeth in the background, and I had to look at the cat picture closely to see the third cat in the background. You’re getting pretty good at the whole concept of creating depth. And the elephant’s trunk photo is neat. The opener is still my fave.

    • I’m glad you noticed the 3rd cat. Those people have so many cats I think I could have hung around and gotten 5-6 layers!

  9. Speaking of being high on pain meds … just wanted you to know the creatures in your depth-practice shot are “cats,” not “people.” 🙂
    Love the cow, the wat, the board games, and many others!

  10. Jeff…wow, many gorgeous and cool shots here. But sad to say, there is no mention of bear spray!

    • Maybe there will be a bear spray accident this summer that will inspire me. Where have you been? We haven’t heard from you in a while.

      • can’t wait…I’ve been MIA (working, grading papers)…I need to retire !

      • Understandable. I am about to get very busy the next 3 months and will probably go on hiatus.

  11. I feel as though I am walking beside you looking at these photos Jeff. Brilliant as always . I will say I looked at the one accredited to being high on pain meds and wondered if there was deeper meaning I was missing. Love the sunset and I do hope you got a photo right after the elephant ate the guys camera.

    • There wasn’t a lot of deep meaning, other than the lion was bearing his teeth with the 3 posters of the people showing their teeth. It seemed funny to me at the time.

      Thank you for commenting!

  12. The photo with the roaring lion statue and the rows of posters of human mouths is great! Whether the pain meds get the credit or not, good eye on that one!

    The monk with the smart phone reminds me of a time we were in Spain and saw a monk playing a computer game. Seemed kinda weird (and funny) at the time.

    Very interesting set of shots here. Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you Bill. I think the monks on cell phones are funny because it is such a mix of modern and ancient. I am glad you liked the lion shot. That is a result of photography making me more observant!

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