19 thoughts on “Things I Saw in Bangkok – Part III”

  1. Such a busy place. I don’t know if I could get used to it. There must not be any real helmet rule/law, funny to see who wears one and who doesn’t. Love the dog on the scooter.

    • I always think it is funny when one adult has on a helmet and the kids don’t. They have the 2nd highest death rate in the world on the roads!

  2. Jeff, you’ve captured the Bangkok street scene wonderfully. We’ve spent a bit of time there, and after our last trip, we decided that if we were going to spend a few months somewhere in SEA, Bangkok would be our choice. It’s a big whacky, in-your-face place, but it has small pockets of calm that make it charming. Also, the street food – ahhh the street food. ~James

    • Of all the big cities in SEA, it is my favorite. Overall it is, as you say, whacky and in your face. Our neighborhood is like a Thai village with street food, parks, lakes and quiet backstreets right in the middle of the chaos so we have a nice mix.

  3. I don’t think I could ever get used to seeing multiple people piled on a moped … and none with a helmet. Then you upped the ante with a dog 🙂
    I’m very much enjoying this delightful view into such a different world.

  4. Another great set of photos Jeff. Love the one of the girl on the bike looking directly at you – good catch.

    • Yeah, and drinking a sticky-looking beverage. That takes some skill to drink that and not get it everywhere!

  5. The dog on the moped cracked me up! In Morocco, we saw multiple people on mopeds but I have to say, the dog is a first! Fantastic:)

    • So many of the dogs really enjoy it. Some stand on the handlebars like they are driving, which is something I am always trying to get a snap of.

  6. I love the chaos of street life in southeast Asia. It is so hypnotic while you are there in the midst of it all. Great photos!

  7. Nice crop here ~ I like the writing on the bus, the taxi, the stand. The colors, the feeling and buzz of activity.

    Dog on the bikes pretty cool too!


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