30 thoughts on “Things I Saw in Bangkok – Part II”

  1. I like the 7-11 best. But that’s a really good scan on the first photo of motorbike guy with a phone to his ear. But I’m getting depressed. I need to see bugs, edible bugs, man. I always like to see the way drivers in foreign lands “dress up” the inside of their car or bus or truck. I usually take a photo of what dangles from their mirror. Were these all with your new Fuji?

    • Yes, all with the Fuji. When I get back to BKK in the fall I’ll find all the edible bugs I can for you.

      Thanks for the feedback/compliments.

      • Fuji…yeah, that thing is like the most popular camera these days if you believe what you read online.
        Back to BKK? Are you summering in Alaska? Or traveling elsewhere?

      • I’m working in AK this summer but I’ll be back in BKK in September. My wife has off June and July so although not ideal, it isn’t too much time apart.

      • Yeah, I figured. I think it works, and a little time apart can be a good thing…when you let it.

  2. I love all the scooter shots, especially the one with the passenger on the phone! Trying to figure out the circular glider, if that’s even what it is; I love that whole faded scene, actually.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I end up taking scooter photos way too often in Asia. You never really know what you are going to get until the bike is passing you. There might be a dog on the seat, a woman doing makeup, a person on the cell phone, the driver might even give you a thumbs up.

      The little glider as you call it is like a block away from my house. There are always locals hanging out there, and lots of friendly cats!

  3. I’m really enjoying all these little snippets of Bangkok. Each photo is like a slice of normal life, but the 7-11 really jumped out at me.

    • Another commenter liked that too. 7-11s are everywhere in Bangkok. I could do a whole series on those.

  4. This is a wonderful collection of photographs. The one of the bus driver is particularly good – there’s so much to take in in that photo. This collection really highlights the way you see a place – the mundane and the exotic in all it’s glorious detail. The people in the bus, the 7/11 corner, the woman sewing, all say so much about Bangkok and the way you see it. Fabulous!

    • Thank you Alison. The benefits of not being able to find a seat on that bus ride was being able to stand up and take that photo! Having spent so much time in Alaska, being in a city is fascinating!

  5. Jeff I would love to know what the shelves of the 7-11 were stocked with. Looking so much like North America on the outside what did the inside look like?

  6. Great photos giving a flavour of everyday life in Bangkok. My favourite is the one of the 3 windows, commuters maybe traveling to work? What is your everyday like in Bangkok?

    • For me it was a bit odd, since we moved there rather quickly and I returned to the states for a brief bit and now I’m back in the States for the summer.

      So, I didn’t work which was awesome yet a little boring. I take public transport, my neighborhood is very walkable and I eat a lot of street food. My wife takes a taxi to work. It is a nice lifestyle.

  7. You really captured the spirit of this wonderful, crazy city. Great photos, particularly the bus driver (almost looks like he has a small rice cooker on the side, which wouldn’t surprise me).

    • Yeah, that wouldn’t surprise me either. He probably answers his cell phone while driving too!

  8. Like Alison, I too loved the photo of the bus driver – it really draws you in with multiple points of view and it’s awesome that you can see his face in the mirror. The second photo in the series reminds me of my own experiences in Silom. Bangkok was the one place in our entire trip where convenience stores handed out a straw for every plastic bottle. That was kind of weird.

    • We have had to learn to say “mai ow kaap” which means I don’t want/need since they try to give you a plastic bag and straw every time you buy anything! Like I told Alison, I had to stand on that bus trip which was lucky since I got that shot!

  9. Your photos really capture the strange mix of incongruous things in Bangkok.. The lights, the colors, the pace.

    I really like the statue and the woman’s hands both in “namaste” position mirroring each other.

    One of the terrific things in Ubud in Bali was how many cafes use either glass or bamboo straws for drinks!


    • Peta,

      Glass or bamboo straws are a great idea. I have also seen edible spoons. We need more of these things for our Earth!

  10. Kat says:

    That swing is so classic! My aunt has that swing in her garden and I used to sit in it when I was kid while hanging out at her house. And now my younger nephews and nieces are doing the same 🙂

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