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Mexico Travel Journal Week 1, or Donde Estan Los Chihuahuas?

Mexico Trip Week 1

Week 1

When I started this travel blog, one of the main purposes was to share my trips with friends, family, fellow bloggers and stalkers. I have found that blogging from the road isn’t exactly easy, with elusive wifi and time spent actually enjoying the trip the biggest hinderances to blogging.

In an effort to share our current trip through Mexico, I am going to try something different: a weekly recap that includes a photo of the day and a synopsis of what we saw. I still plan to sprinkle in some more thoughtful and in-depth posts, but most of those will have to wait until the after the trip.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at Week 1 south of the border.

Mexico Week 1

October 7-8, Chihuahua

Chihuahua Colonial Building

Colonial building in Chihuahua

First off, I was very disappointed that there were no chihuahuas running amok in Chihuahua. I assumed that since the state and capital were named after the tiny dog that is half-fear, half-rage, that we’d see them constantly. I even thought we’d have chihuahua immigration officials, maybe even chihuahua bellmen at our hotel with cute little outfits. Alas, I’ve only seen two chihuahuas in Chihuahua, and neither were working in an official capacity.

Having said that, Chihuahua is a great city. Situated in the middle of the desert five hours south of El Paso/Juarez, it isn’t on the tourist radar, but there were several interesting things to see. The city center is a like going through your grandma’s attic in regards to colonial architecture. Although it is a modern city, colonial gems could be found sprinkled throughout, and the main plaza features a stunning cathedral and lively plaza filled with people.

The city was the stomping grounds for Pancho Villa, a hero of the revolution, and there are several interesting museums, all of which have places you can take photos like this:

Pancho Villa

The city center consists mostly of businessmen and city dwellers, but we did see a mix of cowboys and Tarahumara women in colorful dresses among it all. We also saw zero other tourists and were never touted or asked to buy anything. If it makes sense on your next Mexican trip, visit Chihuahua.

October 8-9, Creel

Creel mountain biking

As I type this, my legs are in some serious pain due to all the hiking and mountain biking we did the last two days. The pain was worth it, however, because the area around Creel has some spectacular mountain scenery.

A mountain biking trail network, which is well marked enough that you never feel totally lost, but poorly marked enough that you are never quite sure where you are going, takes you through valleys with crazy rock formations, an old mission and a beautiful lake. The trail passes through Tarahumara land, and women in brightly colored dresses and men in cowboy hats are everywhere. It feels like stepping back in time to the days of the wild west.

October 10, Basaseachi Falls

Basaseachi Falls

Have you ever heard of Basaseachi Falls, the highest waterfall in Mexico? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either before preparing for this trip. Tucked away high in the Sierra Madre, the area around the falls rivals anything you might see in Zion or Yosemite, but without the crowds. We hiked from the overlook down to the base of the falls, and back up a different route to the top of the waterfall. It would be a challenging hike under normal circumstances, but legs still weary from a day of biking didn’t help.

Mexico Photo A Day

Have you ever been to Chihuahua or Creel?

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28 thoughts on “Mexico Travel Journal Week 1, or Donde Estan Los Chihuahuas?”

  1. Your photo on Basaseachi Falls is quite spectacular! You’ve captured the essence of the beauteous Mother Nature. And that rainbow! How amazing!!! 🙂

  2. Blogging from the road can be tedious,especially if you are moving often. Catching the rainbow at the falls – awesome! Hiking after biking – I’d be dead on my feet. Looking forward to keeping up on Facebook! Have fun and safe travels.

    • Thanks Laura. I don’t think any of us have recovered yet. We biked a lot of miles! The falls were really spectacular – I was lucky to get that rainbow.

  3. Lael says:

    HA, I was wondering about Chihuahuas! That hike sounds intriguing. Was it a long one?

    • The hike was about 3 hours round trip. We came up an easier way than we went down, but it was still tough. Everyone had sore calves the next day, and we are all relatively fit.

      • Lael says:

        I love hikes that leave a person feeling used. I don’t think I’ll share this detail with the Hubs until we’re on the road and he can’t back out, ha ha.

      • Agreed. I like that feeling of accomplishment afterwards, where a beer, shower and pizza are needed in order to feel good again!

    • Yes, we packed in a lot this first week. Rode the train today over the Copper Canyon which was awesome. But don’t worry, we have a week in La Paz to recover near the beach.

  4. Good luck on the blogging while traveling! That is some beautiful country. I once rode the train through the Canyon de Cobre (Copper Canyon). If you do that…make sure to stop in the middle of the canyon, spend the night (or two or three). And hike down deep into the canyon…some cool sights, even cooler people. You did see the Dobermans in Chihuahua, though, right?

    • We just took the Copper Canyon train today, actually, after staying a couple of days on the rim. It is spectacular, but I wish we’d have allowed more time for a bigger trek. Next time.

      I don’t remember seeing Dobermans in Chihuahua. I think the town is much safer than it used to be so maybe they aren’t needed?

      • Oh, cool. Sounds like you are taking the same path I took once, but you are going in the opposite direction…I was coming north on that trip. When I was in Cabo, most of the roads were still dirt. I’m wondering what it’s like now.

  5. This doesn’t look anything like the Mexico I have seen (read: pool + drink with umbrella). I like this version!

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