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Make Money and Travel Around Indonesia With a Bemo Starter Kit!


Mini bus on the trans-flores highway

Have you ever dreamed of earning a full time income while traveling? If so, I have the perfect product for you.

With the purchase of a Bemo Starter Kit, you will be on the road driving around Indonesia, seeing beautiful countryside and meeting friendly locals, all the while earning ca$h. What is a bemo, you might ask? A bemo is a mini-bus in Indonesia used for transportation within a city or across an island. But not just any mini-bus will do. A bemo must be decked out properly to be operational.

With the bemo starter kit, you get the following items:

For the Windshield

  • 15 stuffed animals with suction cups to affix to the windshield
  • 20 decorative convex mirrors
  • Black window tinting for the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 of the wind screen.

Bemo Windshield stuffed animals

Bemo windshieldFor the Exterior

  • 55 cans of spray paint in assorted colors to decorate your mini-bus
  • Windshield wiper accessories
  • 25 Random decals and stickers
  • 2 giant antennas

Bemo paint Bemo in Indonesia

For the Interior

  • 8 huge speakers capable of producing 150 decibels of bass
  • MP3 player filled with dangdut (see footnote), American pop, Celine Dion and the most offensive 80’s American rap music ever created
  • Spray paint for the steering wheel
  • Assorted stuffed animals to hang throughout the bus
  • More stickers!

Stuffed Animals in Bemo

Bemo stickers

For the Roof

  • 3 Giant blue tarps
  • 100 meters of nylon rope to lash down goats, sacks of rice, baskets of fruit, sofas, chairs, tires, beds, mattresses, children, boxes, crates, and backpacks of foreigners. Goat on a bemoIndonesia Bemo Flores

And if you act now, we will include 2 cartoons of cigarettes that should last the driver the first hour of the maiden voyage!

But wait, this isn’t all you get. Included in this offer are a case of plastic sick bags for your Indonesian passengers who get ill anytime they are on a bus!

You get all this for the low price of 12,999,999 Rupiah!

But wait again, if you call within the next hour, we will include our Deluxe Overnight Bus package FREE OF CHARGE! The Deluxe overnight bus package includes:

  • 44 Charmmy Kitty blankets
  • 100 stuffed animals for windshield
  • 6 hours of the most obnoxious karaoke videos we could find on the internet!

Sulawesi Night Bus

Sulawesi Night Bus

What are you waiting for? Call 1-800-BEMO-KIT today to place you order!

Bemo Lout

 *Your lout may vary

Footnote: Dangdut Video

Mini bus on the trans-flore highway

So, do I have any takers? 

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Currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I travel, write, take photos, and stalk street cats. ~

22 thoughts on “Make Money and Travel Around Indonesia With a Bemo Starter Kit!”

  1. Ha! Now that is one original post! You had me at “bemo.” If I purchase a kit, can I exchange the lout for a singer like that?

  2. What a deal!!! And here I thought all of those make money things were scams. If I order within the next ten minutes, can you double my offer if I pay separate S&H?

  3. This must be the most practical tour bus/ mode of transportation. Keeping the kiddo’s strapped down to the roof with the goats, now thats innovation. Haha!
    Now how do I get one of these in the US.


    • The goat was a surprise. We had been keeping our bags inside due to the daily afternoon downpour, but on this sunny day as we went to toss our bags on top the goat looked over at us.

      I have about 3000 words coming up devoted to our trip across Flores by bus. 25 hours of riding in those things!

    • Most of the tour bus companies are quite corporate up here, but since most buses look alike, a lot of the drivers put stuffed animal bears or moose in the dash or wear bear or moose hats so their sheep tourists can find them at stops.

  4. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    1. This made laugh. Alot.
    2. Those buses make south american buses look positively boring.
    3. Did you take advantage of the in-bus billiards table? If not, then WHY THE HELL NOT?
    4. I’m ready to go into business with you. How about it? 2016? You, Kristi, and me?

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