Woodward Downtown Black and White

Western Oklahoma in Black & White

Black and White, Oklahoma, Photo Essay
Oklahoma Wind Farm

Windfarm near Weatherford

When I visit my native Oklahoma, my camera usually stays safely secured in its case. I usually visit in winter when the dormant grass is a forlorn shade of brown and the trees are denuded of leaves. Winter isn’t Oklahoma’s best season.

This year, I made an effort to get out and take photos, to try and see it in a new light. I have always thought that Oklahoma has underrated natural beauty, but once I started thinking like a photographer, I saw photogenic beauty in places I’d never seen it before. Everything was suddenly more interesting to me, especially grain elevators. Looking back through my photos, I see that I have a fetish for grain elevators.

So without further ado, here are a collection of photos in black and white from the winter.

Photos of Oklahoma in Monochrome

Weatherford Oklahoma Clouds

Clouds near Weatherford

Defunct store

Defunct store near Sharon

Lone tree near Quinlin

Lone tree near Quinlan

Old Car in Waynoka

Seen in Waynoka

Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Little Sahara Sand Dunes


West Creek Cemetery

Cemetery Cemetery Sign

Which way is the cemetery?

Oklahoma meth lab

Walter White’s mobile meth lab

Random farm machinery

Anyone know what the heck this is? 

Thomas Oklahoma Grain Elevator

Thomas, Oklahoma

Woodward Main Street

Woodward, America

Woodward, Oklahoma

Woodward, Oklahoma

Hydro, Oklahoma

Hydro, Oklahoma

Retro fuel pump

Retro fuel pump

Wichita Mountains at sunset

Wichita Mountains at sunset

Woodward Oklahoma Guns

Guns, God, Grits and Gravy

Woodward Downtown Black and White

The iconic theater in Woodward

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19 thoughts on “Western Oklahoma in Black & White”

  1. Looks pretty interesting to me. Maybe since I don’t usually get to see all these in my own country. 😄

  2. How many times can I say NG should hire you? You take what would seem to be ordinary scenes and turn them into art. Gorgeous collection Jeff.

    • Thank you Sue – you are too kind!

      I approached these photos in a different way than normal. Oklahoma has some hills and canyons and mesas, but overall it is a flat landscape and so doesn’t photograph well with wide-angle lenses like Alaska or the Canadian Rockies. So I looked for simple things and tried to find beauty in the ordinary. I am glad you liked them and again, you are too kind!

    • Carol, this is so true. It would be a great exercise for everyone to just go around their own neighborhood with a camera and enjoy the simple things.

  3. They made a musical about Oklahoma – how boring can it be? Nobody wants to visit Wisconsin on vacation either, except people from Illinois who go to Door County (we have an unpleasant name for our southern neighbors when we see all their license plates cruising down our free highways) and people who come from all over to see Lambeau Field. Other than that – it’s just the natives who, like you, spend our vacations enjoying the hidden gems of our state.

    I checked out your previous post, too. You had me at “hiking trails”. 🙂
    PS – we did drive thru Oklahoma on our way to Texas and yes, it was boring. But now I know what to look for!

    • Sue,

      My mind is really struggling to think of an unpleasant name for a person from Illinois who may be driving through…We have the same thing with Texas though, we feel an inferiority complex towards Texas and we make fun of them.

      It is interesting living in Alaska, a state everyone wants to visit, and being from a state like Oklahoma that everyone flies over or speeds through as fast as possible. It is interesting to see peoples attitudes and opinions on the two places.

      • They are called FIBs. Illinois is the “I” in that acronym. The rest you can probably figure out. 😉

        I bet its a mixed bag to live in a state everyone wants to visit. Cool to live right in the midst of all that beauty and annoying to deal with all the tourists.

  4. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    Nice photos (I love the first one), but I’ll stick to your photo tour. I’ve been to Oklahoma once (my sister lived in Norman for a time), and that was enough. 🙂

    • If I were an outsider, I’d avoid Oklahoma on principle based on the actions of our politicians lately. Our senator threw a snowball on the Senate floor recently to show that there is now such thing as global warming, and that was the most rational thing they’ve done lately.

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