Portage Hike Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: My Thoughts During the Ill-Fated Portage Glacier Expedition

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Portage Glacier Winter Hike

On Monday I wrote 900 words about two hikes I went on to Portage Glacier. In summary, I took off on a spontaneous hike on my own and I was defeated by my fears of the wild.

After publishing it, I realized that some of my readers are busy with jobs and many more are illiterate. It made sense for me to recreate the post in a more internet friendly manner.

Below are two infographics on my thoughts during my failed hike to the glacier.

Outbound Hike to the Glacier

(click to enlarge)

Portage Hike Infographic

Return to the Parking Lot

Portage Hike Infographic Return




Was that better than reading 900 words?

When you are alone in the wilderness do irrational fears creep into your mind?

Let’s discuss in the comments section.



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14 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: My Thoughts During the Ill-Fated Portage Glacier Expedition”

  1. It reminds me of the hike Tamiko and I took at Sable Pass. There were storms passing by to the south across the Alaskan Ridge so rain and high wind were a concern. Knowing that ounce your out there you have no alternative but to ride out what nature hands out. My thought, was the worst that could happen is we would get dumped on with a lot of rain and wind.
    Luckily we experienced light to medium rain and moderate wind. The sun came from time to time. All and all it was an amazing hike to the river and back. We saw a bunch of ptarmigan, lots of scat and tracks from different animals but no live ones. Got some great pictures and videos. This is the blog link.


    We saw a fantastic rainbow at the start.Tamiko was worried and complaining almost from the beginning, wanting to go back but I kept pushing just a little bit further until we got to see a good view of the river. It was worth it, beautiful view up and down the river. The best video is at the river where she’s mumbling and gowning when I ask her if shes having a good time. I still ROTFLMAO when I see it!

    • Dan – I will need to see this video of Tamiko for sure. Sable Pass is a really cool are with lots of bears, so I’d no doubt be worried hiking there.

  2. I really like the fact that you have illiterate readers. I think you should interview them for a future post!

    It’s also amusing how you took one post with good words and fun illustrations and magically made them two posts. Then you ask which is better. I’m guessing the illiterate readers went for the words.

  3. Too funny! Did you make your infographic in Paint? And, yes, I have irrational fears all the time while I am hiking! How can I make them stop?

    • I have absolutely no idea how to make the irrational fears stop – I think it is a learned behavior from our caveman days so we don’t get eaten by a bear or attacked by a porcupine.

      And yes, I made it in paint. It is very cutting edge, isn’t it?

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  5. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    Once upon a time, I used to backpack constantly, and spent about 50 nights a year outside. Meaning – I was pretty comfortable with the concept. Once in a while though, I would be overcome by a completely irrational terror, and have to leave my trip early. Sigh.

    And I’m glad to see the return of the Jeff Bell cartoon.

    • I guess we have an innate fear of the wild, probably from a time when we were likely to be eaten by a pack of wolves or a neighboring tribe. I’m glad I’m not alone.

      I have a little cartoon series on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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