Hiking in Europe, or I think My Wife is on to Me


I think my wife is on to me.

This was supposed to be a European vacation, and based up her selection of footwear and the number of dresses she brought, she was expecting museums, operas, cultural events and sidewalk cafes.

After Istanbul, the first thing I did was take her to central Turkey – to Asia. There we hiked about 30 miles in four days in Cappadocia. Although the landscapes were breathtaking and unique, it wasn’t a casual stroll along the Seine. Next, we tramped up the travertine pools and to the top of Heirapolis at Pamakkule. This hiking was disguised by the fact that people were swimming in the pools and there were ruins on top to explore.


Distracted by the bizarre landscape and people in swim suites, she didn’t realize she was hiking.

At Lindos, we summited an impossibly steep peak to see the acropolis, but I think the sweeping views of the Mediterranean, and promise of a swim and beer afterwards, confused her.

Acropolis at Lindos

The Acropolis at Lindos, reached by a steep trail.

When we arrived in Symi, I looked up at the high peaks towering over the polychromatic harbor town and said, “Let’s climb those.” At that time, she seemed to catch on. She declined.

I went on a brutal yet rewarding ascent to the highest point in town, to a church with panoramic views of two harbors, the colorful village below and rugged mountains all around. It was an awesome view, but I suspect it is the least popular church on the island based upon the taxing climb one must undertake to get there. They must have the most self-castigating congregation in Greece, and the congregation with the nicest legs.

There is a lot more hiking planned on this trip. I plan to trek in the mountains of Crete, the caldera of Santorini, tramp through Meteora and hike the five village route at the Cinque Terra. Then there is Sicily, where Mt. Etna just begs to be conquered – especially if it is erupting.

I suspect she is figuring this out. In the future, I may be hiking alone, and she may be wearing a sun dress at a sidewalk cafe.

Has your husband ever taken you on a trip that wasn’t what you were expecting?

Do you have to trick your wives into doing adventurous things?


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8 thoughts on “Hiking in Europe, or I think My Wife is on to Me”

  1. While you may think that you got her on these hikes with some distraction, you do know that you will have to make up for it in other ways:)

    • I checked out the post. It looks really cool. I have heard Meteora is one of those places you have to see to appreciate, that photos don’t do it justice.

  2. My wife is actually reading my weblog, so I could only write this sort of things afterwards and would still be cautios about what I write. Don’t want to reveal too many of my tricks – might need them one day.

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