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Boy at the Navratri Festival

Top Photos of India Part 2: People

The curious, friendly and open people of India were the highlight of our recent trip. Everywhere we traveled on the sub-continent we met nice, kind locals who were often interested in a short conversation. Luckily for me, both adults and children are always keen to […]

Cricket in Mumbai

Notes From a Crowded City

If my hometown of 12,000 people were as tightly packed as Mumbai, it could all fit on a football field. That is how crowded India’s wealthiest city is, with 19 million people packed at a rate of 60,000 people per square mile, making it one of […]

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Delhi mother and baby

A Tale of Two Touts

Tout: one who solicits business brazenly and persistently India is infamous for persistent vendors, con-artists, beggars, shyster tuk-tuk drivers, liars, fakes and frauds all trying to get a piece of the tourist dollars flowing into India.