The James Louie Speed Walking Tour of Hong Kong

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James in Hong Kong crowded streetsBefore visiting Hong Kong, I got a message from fellow blogger James Louie – A native of HK and one of five followers of my blog. He’d seen that we planned to visit his hometown and offered to show us around. Read More

Cinematic Hong Kong in 15 Photos

Two men at a cafe in Hong Kong

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I felt as though I were on a movie set. The whole city feels like a director – with a fetish for neon – has lit up the city for the next Jackie Chan vs. the Triad movie.  Photogenic people hustle through the streets at all times of day and night, and they all seem to be eating street food. The views from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and Victoria Peak are some the most dramatic city views on Earth.

Since everyone in Hong Kong is given a giant DSLR camera at birth, no one seemed to pay attention to me shooting photos in the street. Needless to say, I had a great time taking photos there.

Below is a photo gallery from our trip last December. Click on any photo to open a slideshow view.

Hong Kong: A Photo Tour


Note: Stay tuned for a post where I review the James Louie Speed-Walking Tour of Hong Hong


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