Gustavus Alaska Sunset

50 Photos from 2015

Alaska, Cuba, Mexico, Photo Essay

2015 was an interesting year of travel for me. Although I traveled extensively, I spent most of the time going back to places I’d been in the past, getting to see them more in-depth or in a different way.

For example, after spending the last 10 summers in interior Alaska, we moved to Glacier Bay National Park and I got to spend six months in southeast Alaska. I was left with a completely new appreciation for that part of the state, even though living in a rain forest tested my psyche.

In the fall, we spent 60 days traveling through Mexico. Although I once traveled nearly 2000 miles overland across Mexico, this time I got to see 13 states, nine state capitals, five impressive pre-Columbian ruins and the Day of the Dead fiesta. It was really cool to revisit the cities I’d seen before and to experience the country properly.

I also went back to Cuba, a place I went 12 years ago. Just like last time, I was blown away by this unique and fascinating country. I think I appreciated it more this time now that I am a lot older and a little wiser.

Although 2015 was a great year, I am really looking forward to 2016. I some exciting travel plans that I will let you all know about when the time is right. Until then, here is a gallery of 50 photos from the year. Click on any photo to open a slideshow view.

Where did you go in 2015?

What are your travel plans for the new year?

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Currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. I travel, write, take photos, and stalk street cats. ~

50 thoughts on “50 Photos from 2015”

  1. Fabulous set of photos Jeff. In 2015 we went to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Sweden, and Canada. In 2016 we’re going to Mexico and we haven’t decided where else yet.
    Wishing you all good things and wonderful travels for the new year.

  2. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    Nice wrap-up. Your photography has really grown this past year! What are your 2016 plans?

    I have one Taiwan post up, and I am working hard on finishing photo and post edits…

      • Adventures in Kevin's World says:

        I am working on them…. trying to plug away at tweaking photos while dealing with jetlag!

  3. Rob Dye says:

    Jeff, this collection has some great stuff in it. Your nature photography is really good, but I’m really loving your people photos!

  4. Absolutely stunning! I LOVE your photos. You make me wish I was a better photographer. Alaska is a place I dream of visiting one day, I have never been and I know it’s like nowhere else. Mexico, of course, has a big place in my heart and your photos make it light up. You even teach me about places I embarrassingly never knew existed, like Copper Canyon.

    • Thanks Mani. Alaska is incredible. My advice is to visit while you are young so you can do all the hiking and outdoor activities! I really loved Mexico and was surprised by it in many ways. It was great to get to see so much of it.

  5. Hey Jeff, I have been offline (traveling) for the past couple weeks, but I got on email today and saw your new post at the top, and figured, fine, let’s see what Bell is up to. You seem to have travel and posting down. I’m not that good at it, yet. I love your idea of the various places in photos. As usual, I like all your photos. But the one of Monte Alban…that one just makes me stare at it. I was there in 1972 and bought a broken idol–a sitting man with jaguar head coming out of his stomach. Don’t know if it is real (as in ancient Zapotec) or a knock-off. But by now it’s an antique no matter!

    For 2015, I think I’ve only been to Bali, Dubai, the Maldives, and I’ll hit Kerala, India, tomorrow for New Years Eve.

    • We had good light for Monte Alban – there were dramatic clouds that added to the shots. As you know, that is a dramatic setting high up on the plateau.

      Enjoy India for new years. Where will you be in Kerala? I imagine Varkalla would be a nice place to ring in the new year.

      • I’m in Kovalam now, will be exactly in Varkala, tomorrow (day after tomorrow where you live!! Did you post about Cuba? Did I miss that? I’ve missed a lot the last few weeks.

      • Yeah, I missed it. I’ll try to find it maybe tonight if I’m trying to stay awake to ring in the new year like a good traveler would and revel in the festivities and photograph them. We’ll see what happens.

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  7. It was a great photographic year for you! Lots of good stuff there but hopefully you will forgive me if my eyes wandered to the wildlife shots! Your next 50 should be even better.

  8. Spectacular photos, Jeff! You have quite a varied portfolio, which I find impressive. Can’t wait to hear what your big travel plans are for 2016!

    • Thank you. They say if you want more interesting photos, then you need to stand in front of more interesting things. I was lucky to see a wide variety of things and places this year!

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  10. that traveling nurse says:

    Beautiful photos! I was just thinking of doing a year ender compilation too and you just helped me. I hope you don’t mind me borrowing some inspiration from you. Thanks for the light bulb moment. 🙂

  11. The one of the whale at Glacier Bay is my favourite, but they are all great. I’ve had lots of fun in 2015 visiting Tobago, Zakynthos, Iceland, climbing Mt. Snowdon and I have just returned from Scotland. I hope 2016 will be full of great adventures for you.

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  13. Jamie Dye says:

    Great pictures Jeff. Need more of you two! We (my son and I) used to go to Baja to surf near Guerra Negro (about 1/2 way down) and saw lots of strange succulents like the Cardons (Google boojums The mainland cities you visited did look very European.
    Hope you and Kristi are having a wonderful holiday season!
    Love to you both,
    Jamie and Travyanne

    • Those cactuses were really cool. So many huge and varied plants out there. Did you drive there from California? The Baja is really special.

      The mainland cities are wonderful. I think outside of Europe, Mexico has the best collection of cities anywhere. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

  14. Really enjoyed your year end crop of photos. Especially Alaska… Will have to get ourselves there at some point…?

    Whale watching is a terrific activity to have the privilege to partake in.

    Happy 2016 from Myanmar.

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  16. Beautiful pics, especially from Cuba. I hoped to go there this year, but plans changed and Cuba is pushed to next year. I traveled to few places last year, i.e. Greenland, Faroe Islands, back to China. This year will begin with Croatia and perhaps Rwanda.

  17. Beautiful Photos to futur inspiration In 2016. In 2015 I went to USA, Canada, Russia and Mongolia. In 2016 I am going to Peru and Bolivias. Im looking forward to se your fotos In 2016.

  18. Jeff, I’m just now catching up with your final Mexico posts, and these photos are fabulous. Seriously National Geographic quality. Thanks for taking us along and letting us see these places through your very capable eyes. ~Terri

    • Thank you for the compliments – you are too kind. Mexico quickly became one of my favorite countries. I have more to share in the future 🙂

  19. What a great series of photos Jeff. A beautiful way to bring in the New Year by looking at what you did the past year ~ Cheers to a great 2016.

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