Copper Canyon zip line

Photo Essay: Hiking The Copper Canyon

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Copper Canyon

When I told people we were starting our trip in the Copper Canyon in Mexico, most people gazed off into the distance, cocked their head to one side and said, “Which beach is that?”

It seems that almost no one has heard of the Copper Canyon, which is a shame because the region in Chihuahua rivals any national park in the southwest USA, but was great for us because we had it to ourselves.

Most people who have heard of the Copper Canyon are aware of the train from Chihuahua to Los Mochis, which is incredible, but for us the best part was hiking and exploring the area on foot. We hiked along the canyon rim from Divisadero to the adventure park (Parque de Aventuras Barrancas del Cobre), where my crazy wife and friends took the longest zipline in the world, and I met them at the bottom by using the cable car. From there, we hiked through the forest and along the rim – and through a thunderstorm! – to Areponápuchi, where we took refuge at a luxury hotel.

My advice to you: next time you are planning a trip to Mexico, stop off at the Copper Canyon for a little adventure first. That beach will be even more inviting after a week of exploration first.

Copper Canyon Photos

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29 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Hiking The Copper Canyon”

  1. I’ve put it on the list. Not sure it will ever get on Don’s list though, but I can be persuasive 🙂
    I wanna do that terrifying zipline!
    Gorgeous photos. I especially like the first one with the cactus in the foreground. And the rainbow one is pretty stunning.

    • I kept joking that I wasn’t going to be happy unless I got a photo with a thunderstorm over the canyon. I got that plus a rainbow! I think Don would enjoy. You can always stash him somewhere and go on the hike!

      • Oh he’d do the hike. Maybe not the zipline, but he’d do the hike. It’s getting him into the area that’s the trick – too close to the border, and the drug gangs, etc. But I can be persuasive 🙂
        Also we’re going to San Miguel for 5 months in January and I’ve mentioned a little side trip to Copper Canyon and he didn’t say an outright no, so maybe we’ll do it.

      • It would be quite easy from San Miguel. You could fly to La Paz for a few beach days, take the ferry across to the mainland and then the train up, and return.

    • It really is. When I read about an “adventure park” I was afraid that it would diminish the grandeur and Disney-fy it, but it is a small portion and doesn’t distract from the park.

  2. I definitely have heard of Copper Canyon. Since you shared the zipline information it has become a must visit. 🙂

  3. Lael says:

    Dur and I watched a show about Cancun the other day. I have to tell you, Cancun looks like it would irritate the eff out of me 🙂 Sure the beaches are lovely but but but, all those people! Aaaahhhh! Copper Canyon, here I come.

    Those wildflowers are so cheery!

  4. that traveling nurse says:

    *cocking head to one side* yes, Im one of those… but thanks for this tip! Copper canyon sure doesn’t look like Mexico! The photos are gorgeous and that zip line is WICKED!!! It looked comfortable since they had a cushy “seat”. I guess if you have to zip that far, staying seated is the best way to go. And LOL on updating that insurance policy. 😛 Safe travels!

  5. Adventures in Kevin's World says:

    I’m always astounded that people have not heard of Copper Canyon. I first heard of it in 1996, and hear regularly about people going there. Considering the scenery and culture, it should be higher up on people’s radar.

    But I guess a generic hotel in Cancun with an all-you-can-eat buffet and a in-pool bar is more interesting to most everyone.

  6. awesome – I’ve always wanted to go here but couldn’t fit it in my last trip to Mexico. Next time! The hiking looks fantastic and that zip line looks so cool!

  7. Wow, your rainbow shot is amazing! It looks absolutely enormous. Looking forward to learning about even more great destinations in Mexico.

    • Thank you. We got lucky to see that rainbow after “surviving” the rain storm. It is enormous. It is deeper than the Grand Canyon and reminded me a lot of the North Rim, if you’ve been there.

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