Mexico City Zombie Walk

The Mexico City Zombie Apocalypse


I recently learned that when the inevitable zombie apocalypse occurs, which is sooner than you think, I will be among the first to die. On Saturday, when zombies invaded Mexico City, instead of running away like any normal person, I grabbed my camera and went into the fray. So if you see me dragging my feet, mumbling something about brains with my camera around my neck, then don’t be alarmed because that is normal. But if you see me doing that with a giant hole in my head, you will know that I am a zombie and you should run.

The zombie invasion from last week appears to be contained, but let’s take a look back at the annual Marcha Zombie and the madness that occurred.

Mexico City Zombie March

We noticed a large crowd had amassed on Juarez avenue, a main thoroughfare in downtown, so we stopped to see what was happening. Then we saw it coming like something out of a horror movie – literally thousands of zombies shuffled towards us.

Mexico City Zombie

Mexico City Zombie Parade4


Mexico City Zombie girl

I tried to stop this zombie with a screw driver, but it kept coming

Mexico City Zombie

I’m not sure this is actually a zombie, but it still scared the crap out of me

Zombie parade girl

A zombie ready to pounce

Mexico City Zombie

That is where my hand went.

British Zombie

Business Zombie

Mexico City clown zombie

I am still having nightmares about this…

Mexico City Zombie Parade10

During the zombie apocalypse, at least the selfie stick finally has a purpose

zombie boy

That kid needs some medical attention

Mexico City Zombie texting

He isn’t really a zombie, just brain dead from too much texting

Mexico City Zombie

I think this guy would be creepy normally

zombie vigilantes

The cops stood by and did nothing. Luckily, some concerned citizens took action into their own hands.

Again, the zombie parade from Saturday seems to be under control and the only marches on Juarez street are anti-government protests, so all is normal again. However, I have seen the future, and it is terrifying.


Bonus Features: Zombies Out of Context

The best part of the zombie walk was afterwards when it broke up and I could take photos of the participants out of context.

A hooker with a bloody baby - probably won't win any mother of the year awards

Is that a lady of the night with a bloody baby? She probably won’t win any mother of the year awards

zombie child

Mom doesn’t seem to be concerned that her baby is a zombie

Mexico City Zombie Walk

Just a normal day in Mexico City

Mexico City Zombie Parade1

zombie girl

Is everyone else out in the world okay?

Did the zombies show up at your town too? 

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21 thoughts on “The Mexico City Zombie Apocalypse”

  1. This is really weird stuff. I’ve never heard of this day or parade. But I spent very little time (almost none) in Mexico City (…big ugly dirty city).

  2. Lael says:

    HA! Awesome. I was snorting with laugher at the Zombie texting and the Zombies with smiling or passive expression on their faces. I ❤ Zombie walks! We had one in Edmonton not too long ago and my daughter and her friend went. Every year they have a theme and this year it was clowns. Some of them were terrifying! My girl is pathologically afraid of clowns so the evil mother in me thought that whole scenario was hilarious.

      • Lael says:

        Heh. That’s a good one. Yes…immersion therapy!
        Yeppers, they collect food for the food bank.

  3. Awesome post Jeff! Sitting here with a stoopid grin on my face. We loved Mexico City – it has a great vibe, and apparently zombies too!

  4. This is great! The annual zombie bike ride (part of Fantasy Fest) just happened this week in Key West – they are everywhere!!!!! Runn!!!!!

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