We are going to MEXICO! or Righting a Past Travel Wrong

“You know son, since 9-11 they don’t let you carry weapons on airplanes anymore.” Read More

The Art of Photographing Strangers

Chess Players in Havana
Delhi mother and baby

Dehli, India

Street photography is difficult, maybe the most challenging and intimidating genre of photography. Read More

The 12 Times (That I know of) That I’ve been Severely Ripped-Off, Robbed, Nearly Murdered or Kidnapped while Traveling


1. The time I was pick-pocketed in the Roman metro


I was packed into a crowded carriage on the Roman metro during rush hour, and as the train pulled into a stop, a young gypsy girl – maybe 16-years-old – pulled up her shirt, flashed her boobies at me and started shouting. For some reason, this did not register as odd to me. I stared at her, dumfounded and mesmerized. “Europe = awesome!” is all that I can remember thinking. Read More