Things I Saw in March (15 Photos)

Bangkok Street Photography Flower Market

I took a photo every day in February, and I intended to the do the same in March. I failed. However, I have a very good excuse Read More

Life As An Expat in Bangkok – Part 3: Language

funny thai bathroom sign

When I moved to Bangkok, I was already armed with a few Thai words acquired from previous visits, but I quickly learned that it is difficult to communicate with a vocabulary of hello, thank you, shrimp, and elephant. In order to get by in my new country, I started learning Thai so I could order at restaurants, buy bus tickets, and bribe the police – you know, the essentials.  Read More

Learning From the Masters at the APF Photography Workshop

Singapore Chinatown Temple

I recently attended an APF Photography Workshop in Singapore conducted by three of my favorite photographers, Vineet Vohra and Rohit Vohra from India, and Aik Beng Chia from Singapore. It was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself in photography, and that includes purchasing camera gear or any other instruction I’ve had. I have already seen an improvement in my photos and I am confident I will get a lot better in the very near future. Let me tell you about it.

APF Photography Workshop Review

The workshop consisted of shooting in the streets, educational and inspirational slideshows, and critique/discussion of our photos.

Shooting in the Streets with the Masters Read More

Behind the Lens – Pure Joy

Singapore boy with bubbles

This photo of the kids playing with bubbles in Singapore was recently featured on Discover, so I thought I’d give you the backstory on the shot. Read More

The 11 Photos I Take Every Day in Bangkok

Monk with Pig in Bangkok

Every time I go out taking photos in Bangkok, I end up with the same 11 photos, no matter where I go or what I see. Allow me to explain.  Read More

Photo A Day in February Part II, or Success!

Singapore boy with bubbles

I set a goal to take a photo every day in February, and I did it! Unlike my photo-a-day attempt in January, I wasn’t thwarted by a New Year’s Day hangover or a Chinatown food poisoning disaster.

Taking photos every day is a great way to improve, and that is a big reason why I did the project. Also, by taking photos daily, often times in my neighborhood, I was free to experiment and try new things.

I should note that a couple of days I only took a few photos out of a sense of obligation. The other 26 days I went out and shot for at least 30 minutes. Some days the results were good, some days not so good. Below is a photo gallery with one shot from the good days. (To see my shots from Feb 1-7, click here.Read More

I Like My Cities Gritty and Chaotic, But I Loved Singapore Anyway

Singapore buildings

Before going to India a few years ago my India-phile friend Joe said to my clean-freak wife, “You will HATE it. Hate it. HAAAAAAAAAAATE IT!!!!!”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because it is filthy.”

Fast forward to last week.

“You will hate Singapore. HATE it! HAAAAAAAAAAATE it!” My wife said to me.


“Because it is so clean.” Read More