Why You (Probably) Hate Bangkok

Wat Traimit at sunset.

Bangkok is a polarizing city; visitors either love it or hate it. For many, the Thai capital is a necessary evil on the way to  beaches, temples, or hill country treks, and is not a reason to visit Southeast Asia. I didn’t like Bangkok the first time I visited either. Now that I live here, I have grown to love this city.

The reason people don’t like Bangkok is simple: It is an assault on the senses. Yes, that is cliche, but, it is so true. Let’s take a look at the five senses and why Bangkok makes life miserable, especially for new arrivals.

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Photo of the Week: Fish Feeding in Bangkok

Bangkok Street Photo Fish Feeding

At a lake near my home in Bangkok locals often gather in the evening. On this night, there were several people around the lake feeding fish, but two children had translucent buckets that added an interesting element and drew my attention.

Before the Shot

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Sri Lanka B-Sides

Sri Lanka Shirt

After sorting through my photos of Sri Lanka, I ended up with a pile of shots that I call b-sides.

Like the songs on the b-side of an album, these photos are misfits for whatever reason. Perhaps they are okay photos that are missing something or are leftover photos that don’t fit in a photo essay. However, I think these photos have value and deserve to be seen, since they show the quirky side of life and travel in Sri Lanka.

Okay, I’ll let the photos do the talking from here.

Sri Lanka B-Side Photos

1. Colombo sunset street photo

2. Man with mannequin

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Photo of the Week: Sari in Galle

Galle Fort Sari


Taking a photo of a photogenic person with an interesting background is one of the easiest and most cliche shots in photography. But it is cliche for a reason: it can give a good sense of what people wear and how it relates to the city.

This photo is very simple, but getting it was a little more complicated than it might seem.

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17 Street Photos of Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City

Young guy sewing in Saigon

I made two short trips to Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon as everyone still calls it, within a few months of each other. On the first trip my wife and I did all the touristy things like visit the uplifting War Remnants Museum and tour the Cu Chi Tunnels. On the second trip, my wife was there for work and was busy during the day. Liberated from my wife and having already seen the tourist sites, I was free to wander the city with my camera for three days.  Read More

10 Photos of Sri Lanka in Black and White, Part 2

10 Photos of Sri Lanka in Black and White

1. Sri Lanka black white


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Photo of the Week: Lovers Under an Umbrella

Galle Face Green Street Photography

Galle Face Green Street Photography

At Galle Face Green, a large park in downtown Colombo, Sri Lanka, there are a few benches where lovers sit under umbrellas to get some privacy. In a crowded and conservative country, getting alone time isn’t always easy. It is especially difficult with people like me taking photos!

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