Aurora Borealis over Glacier Bay – It Was Okay I guess

Glacier Bay Northern Lights

Last Monday, I wrote that I have run out of words describing the awesomeness of Alaska. Maybe I was hyperbolizing a bit. This place really isn’t that great. (Warning: this post has unhealthy levels of sarcasm)

The next night, I was on the internet responding to the thousands eight comments that the post generated, and I noticed that according to the internet, the aurora borealis was active. Against my will, I gathered up my camera and tripod, made a cup of hot chocolate and dragged myself outside at 11pm.

I paused on the pier above Bartlett Cove and snapped a few photos. It was a little boring, but I persisted. I probably should have gone back to bed.

Bartlett Cove Aurora Borealis

From the pier there were some lights behind the boats in the bay, but, meh.

Northern Lights over Glacier Bay

Over the Glacier Bay Lodge, on the other side of the cove, the lights flashed in the sky, but I’ve seen stuff like that before.

Northern Lights over the Glacier Bay Lodge

I decided to go home but paused to get this shot of the Baranoff Wind. Luckily I wasn’t using film – it would have been a waste.

Aurora Borealis with the Baranoff Wind

As the lights migrated to the south, I walked along the shore in the dark, risking injury and bear attack. I got a few final photos before going to bed.

Northern Lights at Glacier Bay Glacier Bay Northern Lights

I could have stayed in the warmth of my home. I could have gone to bed early. Instead, I was sleepy and slightly worthless at work the next day, which is a sharp contrast to how I usually am at work, which is alert and slightly worthless.

So, I saw the lights again for like the 20th time in Alaska. I don’t need to bother to look for them again this year. I am good for a while.

You can comment if you want, but I am not sure why you would. Alaska is a bit overrated. Don’t you agree?


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40 Comments on “Aurora Borealis over Glacier Bay – It Was Okay I guess

  1. You should be awarded some sort of medal for being able to tolerate such mundane sights. We are all grateful for you posting the images from your suffering.

    • I like that one too. Something about the ordinary scene of a boat and pier and then behind it you have these awesome lights. Did you see them often when you lived up north?

      • Many many times. The best was one night about 2 or 3 am driving up the Alaska Highway towards Whitehorse and stopping the car to watch. It was like a fireworks display with white, green, and purple sparks of light flickering and dancing in a circle formation. I’ve never seen anything like it.

      • It is pretty unbelievable isn’t it? Can you imagine how spiritual of an experience it must have been for the native people back in the day before science ruined it by telling us it is from the sun and not the spirit world? 🙂

  2. Your sarcasm meter fell off the charts my friend. Astounding photos and there should be a rush or tourists to Alaska I think. 🙂

    • For aurora, we are towards the end of a cycle of hyperactivity of the sun. You may see them in your neck of the woods if you haven’t already lately. So, yes, people do need to rush to Alaska!

  3. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend 3 weeks in Alaska in 2011. It truly is endlessly awesome. I wish I had the chance to see the Northern Lights. I always wanted to experience that.
    I also spent a few hours riding through Oklahoma in that same year. I am still trying to decide what’s better………ha!

  4. I’m planning on going to Fairbanks in mid-November, where I heard you can see the Northern Lights best. Do you know if there are better places around Anchorage and Fairbanks to see the Northern Lights?

    • Just leave the city limits of Fairbanks and you will find many places for the lights. In Anchorage, you might try potter marsh in town, but I’d really recommend driving north of the Palmer or Wasilla for the best views. Enjoy!!!

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