Photo Contest: Capture the Colour

Travel Supermarket is sponsoring a photoblogging competition called Capture the Colour, in which contestants create a blog post featuring five photos that embody, or perhaps capture, the colors of white, red, blue, green and yellow.

To enter is easy: simply publish a post and then nominate five other bloggers to participate. There are some pretty sweet prizes, including 3000 British Pounds, or $4833 for the grand prize winner, plus prizes for each category.

Last year, one of my favorite writers, Wes Nations of, won the competition with this excellent post. I particularly love the red photo of the person in India.

Below is my 2013 entry

Capture the Colour: Blue

Capture the Colour 2013

Tiny Likoma Island is a dot of land in a vast expanse of blue on Lake Malawi. I took this photo of a local boat called a dhow in the late morning. I like the various shades of blue that extend throughout the scene.

Capture the Colour: Red

Capture the Colour 2013

The tundra in Denali National Park, Alaska, turns every shade of red imaginable during autumn. The sky had a reddish hue in this photo taken shortly after sunrise.

Capture the Colour: White

Capture the Colour 2013

I think the tourism board pays photogenic people to sit around India to add magic to the scene. This man was one of many worshiping at the Ganges River at sunrise in Varanasi. His white beard, white markings on his forehead and gleaming garment accentuated his dark skin, creating a beautiful black and white image.

Capture the Colour: Green

Capture the Colour 2013

The tea plantations in the southern Indian state of Kerala might be the greenest place on earth. I took this photo while on a hike just outside of the town of Munnar.

Capture the Colour: Yellow

Capture the Colour Yellow 2013

Another glorious autumn scene in central Alaska. The aspen trees on the shore of Otto Lake were ignited by the setting sun.


So, there you have it, my 2013 entry.

My Capture the Colour 2013 Nominations:

1. Kevin | Adventures in Kevin’s World

2. Lyle | Krahnpix

3. Ron | Ron Scubadivers Wild Life

4. Joshi Daniel | Joshi Daniel Photography – Images of People

5. Sherry | Fabulous 50’s

19 thoughts on “Photo Contest: Capture the Colour

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    • The green of the tea plantation was intense. I’ve never been somewhere so verdant. That evening on Otto Lake with the Aspens was amazing. I’ve been back every fall and never seen the light quite like that. Good luck as well in the competition. If you don’t win it all, I really think your blue bottle photo has a chance to win something.

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